Facebook launches live video streaming from your computer

Livestream on Facebook is a feature that has been around for a long time, but this feature is really fully supported on the phone. Recently, Facebook has launched this feature to officially support users to stream the computer screen to Facebook. Taimienphi will introduce you to this feature in detail

Facebook Live has been around for quite some time, making its debut on smartphones allowing users to stream photos from cameras and share them on Facebook. On the mobile platform, this feature has worked very well, but if just streaming on the mobile is not enough, Facebook recently added the ability to stream videos directly from the computer. This feature is especially useful for users who want to share content from a PC, such as gamers or stream movie, clip, music content directly.

Specifically, users need to install broadcast-enabled software such as Xsplit, OBS (Open Broadcast Software), Wirecast, and then perform the operations as instructed below.

Steps to stream Facebook from the computer screen

Step 1: Download and install OBS

Step 2: Visit the Livestream Facebook support website Here

Facebook launched a video tutorial on the continuation of the computer 2

Step 3: Click Create live streaming video

Facebook launched a video tutorial on computer programming directly 3

Step 4: Choose where to share livestream, press Next

Facebook launched a video tutorial on the continuation of the computer 4

Step 5: Install livestream on OBS: Refer to how to set up on OBS in the tutorial article Play live video on Facebook Taimienphi.vn has shared

Facebook launched a video tutorial on the continuation of the computer 5

Thus, streaming videos directly from a computer will be very simple with just one operation. Users will have a lot of options for streaming from a computer when sharing is supported on individual Facebook accounts, fanpage, group on Facebook. For professional gamers, this feature can be used to share the game to many followers. In addition, if you have content that you want to be widely shared, this tool of Facebook will also be extremely helpful.

Right now, you can install and start sharing your content with everyone through this feature. In addition to OBS, you can also live Facebook trails with Xsplit with many customizations and advanced features.

For many gamers, playing live video on your gaming screen on Facebook is no longer difficult, if you play League of Legends game, refer to how to play League of Legends on Facebook to share My play experience to all other gamers.


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