Facebook Messenger has an error and how to fix it

Currently, there are many people who have errors calling, video calling on Facebook Messenger. To fix, fix Facebook Messenger error on computers, phones follow the article below.

Facebook Messenger is a messaging and calling tool on Facebook. This application is separate social networks on Android, iOS and WinPhone. For computer users, you can combine or install this application using browser add-ons. During use, the browser or DNS of the computer may cause Facebook Messenger to fail. When encountering this situation, please quickly follow the How to fix Facebook Messenger errors of the following Taimienphi.vn.

Fix broken Facebook Messenger

1. How to fix Facebook Messenger errors on your computer
2. How to fix Facebook Messenger errors on your phone

Facebook Messenger has an error and how to fix it

Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone: Download Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone
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1. How to fix Facebook Messenger errors on your computer

Method 1. Clear browsing data.

Step 1: When using the browser for a long time, the data may conflict with each other so that users can not use Facebook Messenger. You need to clear browsing data on browsers like Google Chrome, Coc Coc, Firefox …

In the Google Chrome interface, click on the icon 3 dots > select History> History.

facebook messenger bi 2

Step 2: Select the section Clear browsing data.

facebook messenger bi 3

Step 3: Choose Clear browsing data let computer remove caches on Google Chrome browser.

facebook messenger bi 4

Do the same with other browsers to remove the cache.
Method 2. Change DNS on the computer.
Inappropriate DNS is also one of the reasons why you can not use Facebook Messenger, now you need to change DNS as follows
Step 1: Click the Internet icon in the right corner of the screen. Choose Open Network and Sharing Center.

facebook messenger bi 5

Step 2: In Control Panel, select next Change adapter settings.

facebook messenger error 6

Step 3: Then right click and choose Properties.

facebook messenger bi 7

Step 4: At the new dialog, click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and choose Properties.

facebook messenger bi 8

Step 5: Change DNS information to:
Preferreed DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:
Click OK to save the operation.

facebook messenger bi 9

2. How to fix Facebook Messenger errors on your phone

Recently, there are common errors, causing Facebook Messenger on the computer to frequently fail. So with the application version on the phone, what are the common Facebook Messenger errors and specific remedies? Please refer to the details in the article Here.

Above are the main causes of Facebook Messenger errors. You can also reinstall browsers, update new versions of web browsers or applications to fix errors.

Or you can refer to how to install Facebook Messenger on the latest computer. Using the Facebook Messenger software on your computer will greatly reduce errors. Using a laptop and Install Facebook Messenger on your computer You can also video chat on your computer, connect the video to your phone. Good luck.


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