Fanpage ad blocking, causes and remedies

If you advertise on Facebook, you will sometimes receive a notification that your ad has been blocked or does not comply with this social networking advertising policy. So, how to fix the blocked fanpage error, let’s find out the cause and how to fix it in the article below! Here are the main causes of blocked Facebook ads.

Fanpage ad blocking, causes and remedies

Table of Contents:
1. You advertise prohibited products.
2. You advertise restricted products.
3. You violate community standards.
4. You made a mistake when creating the ad.
5. You made a mistake on the landing page.

1. Advertising prohibited products

Facebook’s advertising policy is quite simple when it comes to banned products. Here are the items and services you are not allowed to advertise on Facebook:

– Weapons, ammunition, explosives
– Food supplement is not safe
– Exchange cryptocurrencies
– Surveillance equipment
– Hot loans
– Multi-level marketing scheme
– Penny auctions
– Tobacco or tobacco-related products
– Medicine
– Illegal drugs or drug-related products
– Fake documents
– Spyware or malware
– Any other illegal products

2. You advertise restricted products

You are not always blocked because you advertise restricted items or services. Only certain advertisers can promote this content and usually in certain areas, sell it to mature consumers, and must get prior written permission from Facebook.

Restricted products include:

– Alcohol
– Dating services
– Gambling with real money
– State lottery
– Online pharmacy
– Food supplement
– Subscription service
– Financial services
– Brand
– Lending to students
– Political advertising

3. You violate community standards

If you didn’t advertise anything harmful mentioned above, but still got ads blocked, it could be because you violated Facebook’s community standards. So, be sure to research these standards carefully before you start advertising to ensure the work goes smoothly!

4. You made a mistake when creating the ad

You adhere to community standards, you don’t advertise banned or restricted items, but your ad is still disapproved? So what is the cause?

The fanpage is high on optical signals and other ways

There are a few rules you must follow when writing ads. If you violate one of these rules, your ad will be disapproved.

Here are some of the most common errors when creating ads:

– There are too many words in the ad image
– Aim for personal goals
– Using the wrong brand of Facebook
– Promotional video is interrupted
– Advertising of violence
– Irrelevant advertising
– Advertising of poor quality

5. You made a mistake on the landing page

The landing page is just as important as your ad itself. If the landing page violates any of Facebook’s advertising policies mentioned above, your ad will not be approved.

Facebook’s ad review team will look at some additional specific factors for landing pages to ensure your site is satisfactory.

So, how to fix this problem?

If your personal advertising account is blocked, you can use the appeals process as per facebook instructions, or try the following:

– Borrow a computer from a friend, colleague, or family member (you are using a different IP address)
– Open a brand new business management account
– Setting up advertising accounts in the above enterprise management accounts
– Create a new business page on Facebook
– Choose another form of payment (using a new credit or debit card)
– Ask this friend to give you admin rights
– You even need to run ads to landing pages with different domains than before.

At this point, your account is no longer a personal account, but rather a business management account. There is no way to recover your personal advertising account unless you receive support from Facebook or set up a completely new personal Facebook profile.

If your business ad account is blocked, you just need to create a new ad account within your business management account, a new Facebook page and set up a new payment method.

It should be noted that creating a new account is easier when you use a business management account. If you are a business owner, set up this account as soon as possible and stop using your personal advertising account.

If you are sure you have not violated any Facebook rules, please wait patiently. Facebook will take a few days to review your account.

However, if your account is disabled by violating Facebook rules, you need to carefully review the advertising policy of this platform and find yourself another form of advertising.
Hopefully, with the above information, you have understood the reason why your Fanpage is locked and how to fix it. If you have any questions or comments, please comment in the box below, we will respond as soon as possible. Worst case, please Create Facebook Fanpage new.


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