FILEminimizer Suite – Reduce the size of data files fast and efficiently

If your hard drive is full of large Microsoft Office images and documents such as Word, PowerPoint, etc. And you want to share those large files with your friends as quickly as possible, are you Looking for software that solves that, consider FILEminimizer Suite.

FILEminimizer Suite can reduce up to 90% of the file size while ensuring quality of the file. After optimizing to reduce the file size, you can rest assured that uploading and sharing online will become easier and more convenient. Just save memory while ensuring the quality of the file is more convenient to share.

Instructions to reduce the size of data files by FILEminimizer Suite

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer. You can download the latest version of FILEminimizer Suite here.

Step 2: Startup FILEminimizer Suite. Theme of software Very simple and easy to use

In this dialog box press the button Open Files, and select the path to the file you want to optimize to reduce the size. The program supports optimizing multiple files at the same time.

Save file with fileminimizer state

Step 3: Set of options

– Add to list: Add another file to the playlist

– Remove from list: Removes the file from the list.

– Save: You set the path to the file location after optimization

– Optimized files in folder: You will have 2 options to use the default path of FILEminimizer Suite Or select the new path as shown above:

3: Default path of FILEminimizer Suite

4: New path where you set the file location after Optimize.

5: This level holds the best file quality, but the optimal level to reduce the size is not feasible, not highly effective.

6: This level is the most optimal option, ensuring the file is minimized while ensuring the file quality.

7: At this level only really good if you watch on the computer

8: This level is quite good for the smallest file after optimization. But the quality of the file is no longer as good as it was originally.

After selecting a file and setting options, press the button Optimize Files from the main interface of the software to start the optimization process.
After the file has been optimized to reduce the size, you can easily share or store it, not only will it save you a lot of space on the hard drive, but the quality of the file is almost as unchanged from original. In addition, you can consult and use other file reduction software available in


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