FilmSpirit - Create unique and professional movie trailers

FilmSpirit – Create unique and professional movie trailers

FilmSpirit is a software to create and combine videos from existing videos with a unique and professional trailer. In the following article, will guide you how to make a movie trailer with FilmSpirit.

FilmSpirit helps you create trailers in Hollywood movie style. By stitching together multiple parts of the Video, each part is presented in writing and accompanied by a Video of about a few seconds length to illustrate.

How to Create a Unique and Professional Movie Trailer with FilmSpirit

Step 1 : Download and install FilmSpirit on your computer. You can download the latest version of FilmSpirit

– After the download is complete, install it normally and open the software under your authority Run as Administrator.

Step 2 Getting to know and use FilmSpirit.

To choose a suitable trailer template in the section Template Divided by topics such as:

– Travel (travel),
– Sports (sport),
Adventure (adventure),
– Wedding (the wedding),
– Baby (children),
– Pets (pet),
Creative Life Style (creative lifestyle),
– My day (New Day)
Party (party).
You can preview the appearance of the template through the icon arrow.

FilmSpirit’s interface consists of two main parts, the video viewing section on the right and the video processing section on the left, including 2 small options:
Storyboard contains optional segments
Outline to edit the text displayed on the video.

To add a video, click the Add button ”+”at the top or drag and drop videos into the frame Drag and drop video files on here.

To adjust the time for the video, drag the slider on the bar Time Scale to split videos into small chunks of length 1 second, 5 seconds, 20 seconds, 5 minutes Or the whole video as you like, drag the mouse on the time frame below.

On the bar Storyboard tab divided into several parts, the accompanying video has been chopped up, each part has a part Text introduce.

– To change the text, you just need to double click on it and fill in the new content.
– If you are not satisfied, you can hover your mouse over the shot and click the icon recycle bin to delete and then select a new image.
– You do the same for the remaining segments until the segment you like.

When you choose Magic Click –> click Yes let FilmSpirit automatically grab the videos and you have to go to the bar Outline tab will be to edit the text content in the whole video like: Movie Name and Date (name and date of publication of the film), Cast (cast).

After you have a video that reveals your ideas, you can export the video by pressing the . button Make movie video name (Name), choose a save location (Where), format and quality (Profile) then press the . button Make to export
Above are the tricks to create videos that express the ideas in creative art with FilmSpirit in the most unique and professional way.


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