Find Bad hard drive, HDD with Windows Surface Scanner

Windows Surface Scanner is specialized software to check the operation status of the hard drive, search for hard drive errors from which users give options and choose other specialized software to fix errors and avoid. data loss case.

Windows Surface Scanner has a simple interface, easy to use and especially is provided completely free. Using this utility, you’ll discover bad hard drive locations and take timely repairs. will guide you how to find bad HDD with Windows Surface Scanner software.

Find Bad hard drive with Windows Surface Scanner

Download the latest version of the software to experience new features: Download Windows Surface Scanner

After downloading, installing and launching the program and follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the button Mount let the program find and identify all the drives connected to the computer (including devices such as USB, memory card …) and display the parameters as shown below.

Find bad sectors in Windows Surface Scanner

Step 2: You select the partition to check and then click the button Scan let the program conduct a partition check.
After the program is finished, the results will appear on the screen to let you know if the partition is corrupt or not, if so, you should find professional software to conduct error correction.


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