Find Bad Sector hard drive with Ariolic Disk Scanner

Ariolic Disk Scanner is a software to find and fix hard drive errors, it helps users know the status of the drive’s operation and know the errors in order to timely fix solutions to avoid losing the hard drive. Important data saved in hard drive.

Ariolic Disk Scanner is considered as the number one choice of many users because of its ability to work at high speed without any errors. will guide you how to find Bad Sector hard drive with this utility, you can follow along.

Find Bad Sector hard drive with Ariolic Disk Scanner

After downloading, installing and launching the program with the following interface: (If no software you can download the latest version of Ariolic Disk Scanner )

Find bad sectors in the Ariolic Disk Scanner state

To check the status of the hard drive, select each partition in the hard drive one by one and then click StartScan, so that the program can conduct tests.

After the program has finished, the results will appear on the screen, shown in colors like:

– Green: Is the region is operating normally.

– Red: Bad area.

If you see many bad areas appear, you should back up the data and use specialized software to repair, avoid data loss.
Thus, the above article has instructed you how to find Bad Sector with Ariolic Disk Scanner utility, in addition, you can refer and use the hard drive maintenance software in the “Soft related” section above to protect protect your hard drive. After finding the Bad Sector, you should cut bad Sector or cut bad hard drive to not affect the overall operation of the system, how to cut bad hard drive is also very simple, not as difficult as many people think.


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