Find deleted browsing history, view, recover deleted history on Chrome, Coc Coc, Firefox, IE

Tips to find deleted browsing history, view, recover deleted history on the browser will be guided below below. You can refer to to be able to find deleted web history easily.

Like other files, data on the computer. When you visit a website, the browser you use will save those data of such websites website address, caching, … and saved as an archive file in a certain directory. You can use some of the ways below to find that deleted browsing history.

How to find deleted browsing history, view, restore

Table of Contents:
1. Use data recovery software
2. Use the Command Prompt to view the DNS cache
3. Use Google MyActivity


1. Use data recovery software

There are many software to help you recover data, restore browsing files thereby helping you find fast browsing history in. suggests you data recovery tool recuva Completely free will help you solve this problem.
Download Recuva here: Download recuva

turn off web browsing

Use Recuva and copy the link below depending on the browsing history of the browser you want to recover:
– Internet Explorer: C: Users [User của bạn] AppData Local Microsoft Windows History
– Mozilla Firefox: C: Users [User của bạn] AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles
– Google Chrome: C: Users [User của bạn] AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default
– Cup Cup: C: Users [User của bạn] AppData Local CocCoc Browser User Data Default

This method is most effective when you have just deleted the data without any software overwriting. However, if you use a solid-state drive (SSD), it is difficult to recover by this way.

2. Use the Command Prompt to view the DNS cache

When you browse the web with browsers, your computer automatically resolves domain names for IP addresses. Therefore, in addition to the Firefox web browser, Coc Coc, Chrome will save the history of web pages, you can also find deleted web history by viewing the IP address and the deleted web in the Command Prompt.

Press Windows + R to open the window Run and type cmd. On the window Command Prompt Type the following command line ipconfig / displaydns

Web-site scheduling

Here you will see the Command Prompt window displaying the websites and IP addresses of the websites you have visited. All you need to do is find the website you need. However, this method will display all the websites and addresses connected on your computer, not only through a web browser nor for you to know each content of the page you need.

3. Use Google MyActivity

Previously Google MyActivity called Google History, this is a tool to help you track and control search history, website access and saved to the Google storage system. You can use this tool to find your browsing history for fast and neat removal.

First, access the address Google MyActivity HERE and sign in to your Google account here. This will show you the entire search history as well as the web pages you have visited in the past.

Find the history of the web
Above are some solutions to help you find browsing history summarized by, these are the most effective methods today. Older methods like System Restore or using the index.dat file do not bring any effect, so you should avoid using those methods. In addition, to recover some other data such as images, documents, … with the highest possibility you can refer to top software. data recovery to bring the best effect offline. Good luck.


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