Find the App Store application easily without iTunes

It’s hard for iOS users to find the App Store app easily without iTunes on their computer because there is no support site at the moment, but a recent test site will give you the ability to search for applications. App Store with the detailed feature description surpasses iTunes.

For many iOS users, finding an app on the App Store through iTunes on a computer is a difficult problem to solve, because even with the correct application name, iTunes is very difficult to navigate and find. Earn for correct application for users. However, copying music to iPhone on iTunes is quite easy and does not encounter many obstacles as with the application.

Understanding that difficulty, a new website called was created to help users find applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X faster without using iTunes on the web. difficult to use anymore.

Find the App Store application easily without iTunes

Step 1: Visit website here Please.

Step 2: In the main interface, click the iPhone item to display three options including iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X, corresponding to application filters specific to different devices.

After selecting this filter, users can add another filter next to it by clicking the funnel icon next to the search icon.

Find app on iphone

Here, you have the following filtering criteria:

– Last updated: Latest update time (6 months> 3 years)

– Rating: User rating (2> 5 stars)

– Price: Free / paid apps

Limit to Categories: Classified by application type

Made for ages: Sort by allowable age (4+> 17+)

Option Expand all Screenshot allow to expand all screenshots (screenshots) of the application when users search successfully.

Find iPad apps

Start searching for applications without the iTunes Store.

Step 3: Search results appear, you can find the desired application on iTunes easily by clicking the button Free or the price icon on the side to navigate to the application page in iTunes.

Find itunes app

Press the button Free or price icon to switch to the app page on iTunes.

Find the app on the iTunes Store

Application interface on iTunes after it has moved from

To be more certain of the application you are looking for, you can click on the application to display a screenshot (screenshot).

It can be asserted that is not a complete replacement for iTunes, this is just a tool to help users find more accurate and easier applications on iPhone, iPad or Mac OS X. iTunes is hard to find exactly. The best advantage of compared to iTunes and Google Search is the feature of creating detailed search filters, bringing search results more accurate and faster.

iTunes is an app store that synthesizes music, videos and applications for iOS users including iPhones and iPads similar to the Google Play Store on Androi. After registering iTunes on your computer or phone, users can copy music and movies to iPhone using iTunes easily. However, always remember to install the latest version of iTunes to handle errors not connected to the iTunes Store offline. Many users are subjective due to the lack of iTunes updates leading to the phenomenon iTunes Store connection error quite annoying.

If you do not know then iTunes is also a very interesting and creative call ringtone creation tool. The special feature to create ringtones for iPhone can be applied to both calls or messages on iPhone through the built-in converter.
Wishing you a successful application search!


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