Fix audio loss error in Windows 10

Fix audio loss error in Windows 10

Having a sound loss error on Windows 10 will prevent users from listening to music, chatting online with people as usual, there are many causes of this situation and it is accompanied by a workaround. application, please follow along with the content of the article on fixing sound loss in Win 10 below.

You are watching a video or listening to a song on the internet when suddenly you are interrupted and can not hear anymore, and sometimes from the start you also did not hear the sound on the machine, it may be because you have accidentally enabled Audio Enhancements. This is a feature that helps users optimize the sound on their computer, but it is also the culprit of the loss of sound on your Windows 10.

Previously, instructed you on a troubleshooting article Windows 10 audio driver error Readers can read through.

Instructions to fix sound loss in Windows 10.

Fix audio loss caused by Audio Enhancements

Step 1: Click on the icon Sound choose Playback Devices on the bar Taskbar.

how to fix sound in windows 10

Or open StartMenu type Sound to search.

how to fix the sound bar in win 10

Step 2: Click on the active audio driver icon Properties.

how to fix audio in windows 10

Step 3: Go to Enhancements, uncheck all subsequent lines OK, got it and reboot.

fix audio in windows 10
After restarting your computer, your sound should be working normally again. Hope the article helps you. Addition 4 error on Windows If you have a problem, you can refer to it. If you use Mac OSX but also encounter the same error, you refer How to fix audio loss on Mac here.


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