Fix black screen error on the computer

How to fix and fix black screen error on the computer is a lot of people care when the computer encounter black screen error. Understanding this, will guide how to fix black screen error below.

Surely in us when using the computer also encountered the situation where the desktop screen becomes a black screen, although replacing any wallpaper will be returned to the black screen after each restart of the computer. If we count, we can call this error the black screen error

Fix, fix black screen error on the computer

Black screen error occurs because during a self-upgrade process of Windows, the computer detects that you are using Windows 7/8, 8.1 / 10 without activation or using a key that is not provided by Microsoft. To fix the black screen error, your job now is to turn off the automatic update function of Windows after reinstalling the operating system.

Table of Contents:
1. For Windows 10
2. For Windows 8, 8.1
3. For Windows 7

How to fix black screen error

Note: Turning off Windows auto-update function may prevent your computer from receiving the latest patches and fixes from the Microsoft publisher, from which you may encounter any errors. Here are the steps to turn off the Windows self-update function.

1. For Windows 10

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R to open the window Run, type “service.msc”Into the box

screen to win 10

Step 2: In the window service, you find the item Windows Update.

different pattern to win 10

Step 3: In the window Windows Update Service, you press Stop To stop the service, then select Disable on the Statup Type list.

screen saver to win 10

Step 4: Click OK, got it, then reboot.

2. For Windows 8, 8.1

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + X, then press the key P to open Control Panel

screen to win 8.8.1

Step 2: You click on the item Windows Update

screen to win 8.8.1

Step 3: In the window Windows Update, you press Change settings

screen to win 8.8.1

Step 4: Select an item Never check for updates (not recommended) in the section Important Update, then press OK, got it

screen to win 8.8.1

Step 5: Reboot the machine and check the phenomenon.

3. For Windows 7

Step 1: First you enter the item Control Panel

repair the display screen

Step 2: Next click on System and Security

screen to win 7

Select the next item Turn automatic updating on or off

screen to win 7

Step 3: A new window appears, in the section Important Updates, Click on it and choose Never check for updates (not recommended). In 2 items Recommended updates and Who can install updates At the bottom, you uncheck the box.

screen saver to win 7

Step 4: Next you press OK, got it and reboot to see results.

Black screen errors are quite common errors and many people encounter during the use of computers. With the manipulation instructions are quite detailed on, surely readers can solve the black screen by themselves without having to go to the repair shop. In addition, you should also use copyrighted operating system and update patches from Windows to avoid security risks. You can also Activate 180-day copyright of Windows 10 follow the instructions on Taimienphi


Is the computer not stuck on the screen a serious problem and how to overcome this situation? If you want to know if your computer is not heavy or light, we first need to find out the possible causes of your screen as well as some quick tips to try. when going to dig deeper into the issue.


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