Fix computer not receiving wired, optical, usb mouse

Many users reflect the situation that the computer does not recognize the mouse, which makes it impossible to use the computer for entertainment and work. If you are experiencing this situation, you can follow a number of methods to fix computers that do not recognize the mouse, optical, or usb cable below

Computers often do not recognize mice will render the user unable to act. It can be seen that the computer error does not recognize the mouse, although it is a small error but it affects greatly to computer users. The speed of a laptop mouse will not help users to manipulate fast or difficult operations. Therefore, it is necessary to find the cause and fix the computer not recognizing the mouse immediately if it encounters this situation. We will give you the most basic and effective solutions.

Fix the computer that does not recognize the mouse:

1. Plug the mouse to another port

If using a USB mouse, try unplugging and plugging in another USB pin to see if the computer has received the mouse.

If you plug the mouse port to another USB port that the computer recognizes the mouse, make sure the USB port on your computer is problematic. If the computer does not recognize the mouse, most likely the key problem lies with the mouse, to test you try plugging the mouse into another computer and see if the mouse works. If not, it’s time to change your mouse.

2. Check the Human Interface Device Service

The Human Interface Device Service allows USB devices to use Windows resources. Sometimes this service may get stuck and cause a computer error that does not recognize the mouse. To fix the error, try checking if the Human Interface Device Service is running or not.

Step 1: Right-click on any empty space on the Taskbar, select Task Manager.

Step 2: On the Task Manager window, select the tab Services then click the link Open services text at the bottom corner.

Step 3: Scroll down the search list Human Interface Device Service and check if the service is running and set to Automatic.

Step 4: If the service is running, right-click and select it Restart.

Step 5: Finally check if the computer has received the mouse or not.

Fix the computer without receiving it

If not, the other solution for you is to update the mouse driver that introduced above.

3. Boot Windows into Safe Mode

The last solution to fix the computer does not recognize the mouse is to boot Windows into Safe Mode. When in this mode, all drivers, applications and some other features will be disabled. Here you can check and find the culprit causing the computer error does not recognize the mouse.

If you do not know how to do it, readers can refer to the article on how to enter Safe Mode on Windows 7/8/10 on to know how to boot Windows computer into Safe Mode.

After booting into Safe Mode that the computer receives the mouse, the culprit may be the mouse driver. All you need to do is uninstall the driver, restart the computer and visit the manufacturer’s homepage to download and install the new driver.

And if all of these solutions work, but it’s not, the bad news is that it’s time for a new mouse replacement.

4. Remove the USB port and clean.

The first thing you need to do is check if the mouse USB port is loose, or the USB port you are plugged in has failed. Unplug the USB port connecting the mouse and laptop and plug it back in. Before that, you should also blow the dust, use a laptop cleaning brush to sweep through the dust at the USB port. In addition, you should also switch to another USB port to fix this error.

Fixing computers without receiving 2

5. Restart the computer.

Another reason is that your computer is conflicted with certain software, applications, so the Mouse Driver does not run. Users should Restart the computer to see if the mouse can run or not. During the Restart of the computer you can also remove the USB mouse port and plug it back in.

Can use the laptop keyboard to Restart the computer. If it’s a PC, press the key Windows >Right arrow —> select Arrow up Go to the Restart section and click Enter to restart the computer.

repair computer without receiving 3

6. Turn off and turn on the computer mouse driver.

Many computer cases do not recognize the mouse coming from someone turning off your mouse driver. If not turned off, you should also perform a restart of the computer mouse to see if it corrects the computer does not recognize the mouse.

Step 1: Right click My Computer choose Manage

repair computer without receiving 4

Step 2: Next on Device Manager and choose HD Complaint mouse Then right click Disable.

Fixing computers without receiving 5

Step 3: At this time, the computer mouse will be turned off, please use the laptop mouse right click HD Complaint mouse and choose Enable to reopen the mouse.

Fixing computers without receiving numbers 6

If you follow the 3 ways to fix the computer that does not recognize the mouse above and still cannot fix the error, then it is likely that your mouse is broken. It could be due to the broken USB connection cable or the broken mouse, if you encounter a broken mouse, you should consider buying a new mouse depending on the value of the mouse.
You can try cleaning the computer mouse clean and reconnecting to the computer to see if it works or not, actually cleaning the computer mouse is very necessary. Even if you buy a new computer mouse, you should care about your computer mouse regularly to keep the mouse longevity. If the mouse is too dirty, without maintenance, it will soon have problems.


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