Fix Error 0x00000001 when converting videos in Format Factory

Fix Error 0x00000001 when converting videos in Format Factory

Error 0x00000001 occurs quite commonly with Format Factory users when they first use or start converting AVI, or MKV videos. And not only Format Factory but also a lot of format conversion software also encounter this situation.

When you use Format Factory to convert video or audio file formats, such as convert MKV to AVI or vice versa, for example, your file suddenly reported an error Error 0x00000001 and there is no way Format Factory can convert it.

The main reason is because your computer does not have enough decoders, and in addition, the lack of decoders for video file formats is also the reason for not watching videos on windows, and also naming files and folders. Containing accented Vietnamese in Format Factory is also one of the reasons for the conversion process being delayed, causing Error 0x00000001.

Instructions to fix Error 0x00000001 when converting files in Format Factory

Step 1: You must first download the K-lite Codec video file decoder: Download K-lite Codec Pack.

-After the download is complete, you choose next until the end is finished.

Fix error 0x00000001 when converting the file

Step 2: Open Format Factory and Convert a file on your computer, throw the file directly into the software and select the format you want to convert.

Fix error 0x00000001 when converting the file

-Then press Start to begin

Fix error 0x00000001 when converting the file

– Finally, you will see the converted video is 100% complete.

Fix error 0x00000001 when converting the file

Above has instructed you how to fix Error 0x00000001 and after thoroughly fixing the above error, you will definitely convert, convert the file format as usual, in addition to Format Factory, Total Video Conveter is also a good choice for converting video extensions. The Toltal Video Converter software has always been the leading free tool for users and you can Convert videos with Total Video Converter to any format.

It is undeniable that although Format Factory is a free software, it is quite powerful in converting video and audio extensions. However, to open the formats after conversion more effectively, you should use video-viewing software such as KMPlayer or VLC Media Player, in which the music player, video player VLC Media Player is open source software and it’s pretty light, so we recommend this software
On Format Factory there are many good features, such as the feature to extract music from videos to help you get any audio from that video, if you have not experienced this feature, refer to how Extract music from video with Format Factory For more information.


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