Fix, fix error “Please insert a disk into drive X” of Windows

If your work often uses a CD / DVD, then at least a few times the system will say “Please insert a disk into drive X” when you insert the CD / DVD into the drive. In the following article, will guide you to handle the error “Please insert a disk into drive X” of Windows.

Usually the error “Please insert a disk into drive X” when inserting a CD / DV disc into the drive occurs due to the contact surface, the eyes … being dusty or due to unstable system operation, Driver not Compatible….

Instructions to handle Windows “Please insert a disk into drive X” error

Step 1: First, remove the disc from the computer tray, and clean it, including the reading disc and its surface.

Should use the disk cleaner to clean, do not use rough objects to scratch the disc …

Step 2: Update the driver compatible with the device.

Method 1: You can use the tools to search and update drivers such as: DriverEasy.

Tips Refer to the article How to Update Driver for computers with DriverEasy

Method 2: You can also update drivers through Windows system.

To enter Computer -> Manage -> Device maneges then find coming Driver DVD / CD-Rom driver Right click and select Update Driver SoftWare

– Choose Search automatically for update … Windows will automatically search and update the latest Driver for your CD ROM drive

Step 3: Proceed to reboot, insert the disc into the drive and check.
Above, we have just taught you how to Fix “Please insert a disk into drive X” error of Windows. This is a fairly common mistake when you manipulate, using CD / DVD. In addition, you can refer to other tips on computer systems available in to use computers effectively.


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