Fix, fix error that cannot disconnect USB with Windows

When you’re done using USB, you want to safely disconnect from your computer using Safely remove the default Windows hardware but can’t disconnect it. will guide you how to handle this error in the article below.

USB is a means to help users store and move data quite compact and is used by the majority of users. However, in the process of using, it is inevitable for errors to occur: Unable to format the USB, cannot safely exit the USB from the computer, … Below, will guide you to fix the error of disconnection. USB to Windows is.

Instructions to fix the error of not disconnecting the USB to Windows

Case 1:

The cause of this error is probably because there is still a program in the USB that is being executed and you cannot disconnect the USB from Windows now. Check to see if any USB programs are running or if any work is being performed on the USB and turn it off so that it can disconnect the USB with Windows.

Case 2:

If you are sure that no other programs or jobs are executing on your USB, but you still cannot disconnect the USB from Windows, then it is likely that your USB has been infected. In this case, it is recommended that you copy out all the important data in the USB and proceed to format your USB to avoid the possible risks of your data. After the format is complete, your USB device will be reused as usual.

Tips If the USB format cannot be executed, you can refer to USB non-Format Error Handling

If not, you can use the Unlocker software to disconnect the USB to the computer quickly and easily. Just right-click on the USB drive and select Unlocker, then delete all running processes and select Quit.

You can download the latest version of Unlocker here.
Disconnect the USB safely from the computer to protect the USB from damage or loss of data if it is suddenly withdrawn, … Also in the process of using USB, you should prepare yourself a tool to protect the USB from Virus, protect the data is safe. Most secure by the software USB protection Available in


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