Fix, fix errors for USB format

If you do not use USB carefully, in the process of using it, your USB will be very prone to error for USB format. Regarding this error, there are many possible causes for your USB.

During the process of using USB, you want to format USB but USB says no to Format. Do not worry, follow the article below of Taimienphi to find the best solution for your USB, so that you can format the USB normally as before.

Instructions to fix USB errors for Format

1. USB is infected with virus

This is the first and most common cause when using USB on many different devices. The solution in this case is to use anti-virus software to remove viruses on your USB such as: Norton Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security, …. After antivirus, you proceed to format the USB in a normal way. often.

Else, USB repair is not possible for the format

2. Anti-write lock

Some USBs have a write-lock lock button with your USB. If your USB is in this mode, you just need to find out where that button is on your USB and turn it off.

3. USB has firmware error

If the above methods still do not help you format your USB, then it is likely that your USB has a firmware error. The solution for this situation is as follows.

Step 1: Download the software Download ChipGenius here.

Step 2: Launch the software. The software will automatically check your USB parameters. Please pay attention to 2 items VID and PID.

Step 3: Enter this link to enter 2 parameters VID and PID Click and click the Search button.

Step 4: The website will automatically search for drivers that match the given VID and PID. Please check the parameters provided by the website to match your USB parameters on Chip Genius software?

Step 5: After finding the right firmware for your USB device, just download and run it, the program will automatically update the firmware for you.

By applying the above remedies, your USB will work properly and now you can format your USB. So you can easily store and move data on USB. After your USB formatted successfully, you use USB again normally remember how to format the USB properly to protect your USB.


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