Fix, fix RAM beep when booting the computer

RAM is a small part of a computer, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t crash. In this article, will guide you “fix RAM errors when beeping at startup” – an error that sometimes happens to the computer.

When you have just booted up the computer and listened to 3 long “beep” sounds, the screen does not come up, it is a notice of the motherboard saying that your RAM is faulty. Avoid confusion when listening to a long “beep” and three short “beeps”, this is a fault of the discrete graphics card (if your computer has a discrete graphics card).

Causes and ways to fix RAM errors beeping

1. The RAM pins are dirty

During long-term use, RAM pins will be dusty, thereby causing errors. You just need to remove the RAM, use a tissue or napkin to clean the legs of the RAM and then plug it back into the mainboard and boot the machine to see if the error is gone.

2. The RAM slot is defective

loi ram beep beep

In this case, repair RAM by removing RAM and plugging it into another slot and then booting up the computer.

3. In many RAM modules, there is a faulty bar

For those of you who use more than 1 RAM, you can remove the RAM modules, then install them one by one and try booting for errors. In case of detecting any defective bar, you can wipe the RAM leg to see if it is due to dirty or not. If it is really broken, you should take it to a computer store to have employees check it out to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Hopefully after you follow the above steps, you can completely fix the ram beeping error when booting.
One note for you or using the computer is that many times the computer works, because we open too many unnecessary programs leading to an overload of RAM, at which time releasing RAM is extremely necessary. , you just need to turn off the running programs that are taking up too much RAM, besides, to release completely, you should refer to many other ways to release RAM effectively.


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