Fix high ping error when playing games

The gaming experience will be very bad if the ping is high, causing phenomena such as lag, inaccurate movement and smooth. Therefore, the ways to fix high ping errors when playing games that summarized below will help you to bring ping more stable, play games or use some better services.

High ping is an obsession for all gamers, especially those who play Dota or League of Legends. If you’ve ever played League of Legends you’ll probably know what the consequences of high ping are. In addition to losing games, you will receive a pile of bricks and stones from teammates for affecting their game.

If you are a follower of tips, you will know there are many times we have mentioned this problem, such as how to speed up with internet cell boots, which is specially designed for gamers. Optimize your network speed. And use Speed ​​up by Internet cell boots It is also a good option and in this article we will offer more ways for you to choose.

What is a ping? and what does high ping affect?

Put simply, Ping is a measure of latency in the game, when you perform any action in the game, that data will be transferred to the server for processing and then sent back to you. And how long it takes will be calculated by ping. If the server sends slowly, you will be frozen, uncontrolled until the server completes the process of returning data. The measurement unit of delay here is measured in milliseconds (ms). The current ping in computer rooms is sharp when playing games with overseas servers ranged from 30-60ms, equivalent to a delay of 0.03 -0.06 seconds. This is a perfectly acceptable number when playing games.

High ping when playing games

But with a line that has pings of up to 300ms -500ms and sometimes even up to 1000ms. You will be interrupted continuously receiving and sending data. Slower than those with good transmissions from 0.3-1s depending on the region. For gamers, this is really a disaster because it is enough to make them on the counting board.

Instructions on how to fix high ping error when playing games.

Check the LAN card

Most likely due to the dust clinging to the LAN card on your system and causing lag when gaming. So check and make sure your LAN card is not dirty, to ensure smoother data connection.

Finally, check the delay and see if the connection speed has changed, smoother after cleaning the LAN card. If the lag error persists, it is likely the culprit is your Internet connection. The simple solution to this problem is to use a dedicated gaming network like Kill Ping.

Install the graphics card

Access the graphics card options on your computer and check the options that support high ping reduction. Regardless of playing any online multiplayer game, you should select the maximum performance option so that the graphics card can allocate maximum memory for the game.

Other problems are high ping when the game

Kill tasks that run in the background

In many cases, if you install a lot of software and your computer has to handle many tasks running in the background, playing MMORPG or MOBA games will overload the processor and reduce the performance. Because the processor has to handle all tasks at the same time, it cannot allocate maximum memory to handle the game and cause a high ping error.

To fix the high ping error when playing games, just open Task Manager and kill unnecessary processes, you will immediately notice the overall performance of the computer increased significantly.

Other problems are high ping when the game

In addition, Kill Ping also has built-in feature to release system resources, you can take advantage of this feature to fix high ping errors when playing games.

Check PC configuration

One of the reasons why players face high ping errors when gaming is probably the computer configuration does not meet the game requirements. So make sure your PC specifications meet the requirements to run the online games you usually play.

Here are the PC specifications that recommends for you to fix high ping errors when playing games:

Other problems are high ping when the game

Install the graphics card in the game

Another way to fix high ping errors when playing games is to switch to the graphics card settings in the game. Uncheck the Anti-aliasing options to improve the graphics. You can also find other options that can help reduce latency and fix high ping errors when gaming.

Other problems are high ping when the game

Use Kill Ping to fix high ping errors when playing games

If all of the above solutions apply but are not available, the final solution for you is to use Kill Ping. Kill Ping is specially designed to reduce high ping when playing MMORPG and MOBA games, helping to fix high ping errors and gaming lag.

Other problems are high ping when the game

Download Kill Ping and install it here: Download Kill Ping

As a VPN, Kill Ping will provide a better gaming network for online players, avoiding network congestion and other related issues.

Use a good network cable.

Many gamers who use laptops to play games must find it much more convenient than desktops. But because using wifi while playing games also makes the stability of ping is uneven. Just a few important team fights that ping one to 500ms for example, then you say “sorry I’m lag” to your teammates is not enough. Switch to the network cord, plug it directly into the laptop and try to connect it directly from the total modem, avoiding many switches.

High ping when playing games

Use a Modem / Router better.

Perhaps this method will not make too much difference, but with new modems, good quality, more durable operation during use. Especially avoid the case of freezing, continuous modems like cheap modems.

Other problems are high ping when the game

WTFast, software number 1.

Download WTFast: WTFast.

If you haven’t used WTFast yet, that’s a pity. This is the software worth the most money to play games with high ping restrictions. However, it also gives users a 15-day trial with extremely good quality. This is the best high ping reducing software you can use, especially for Dota 2 gamers.

Other problems are high ping when the game

Use the Mainboard to support GAME.

The game market is always a lucrative market for manufacturers, there are many technologies that are advertised to help optimize the gaming experience, but few people have verified it, this is not the optimal method for gamers. have a limited budget, but if you can afford it, don’t overlook it.

Other problems are high ping when the game

Upgrade the line.

This is the last resort to help you play more stable games, high ping will no longer appear, use the higher, better packages from network services, especially in case you have to point out Network sharing with multiple devices connected in homes and neighbors.

Other problems are high ping when playing games
The above are the best high ping remedies that you should refer and apply. Playing games for fun but playing games with high ping is not fun at all. it’s not good either. Generally, line optimization and Optimized gaming Always have to go together.


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