Fix iPhone not charging the battery

There are many problems, the cause of iPhone failure to charge the battery, causing users to give up and get it repaired immediately. But before that, please drill because maybe the problem is not up to that level and the error of iPhone not charging can completely repair at home.

User status encountered iPhone error does not charge the battery after a period of use of iPhone about 2 to 3 years or shorter with the old iPhone purchased is not uncommon. To talk about the cause of the determination is probably very difficult but we can completely use the exclusion method and try the simplest ways to fix iPhone not charging battery.

Table of Contents:
1. Restart the device.
2. Check the charger and connection cable.
3. Turn on the bright screen when charging the phone.
4. Clean the iPhone charging port.
5. Check battery on iPhone.
6. Update the latest frimware.

IPhone error does not charge the battery

Instruction error iPhone does not charge the battery

1. Restart the device

It sounds simple, but this is the first way that recommends you to apply in case the iPhone battery charger error occurs with your device. Rebooting is a miraculous way because it helps you solve a lot of problems that occur during using iPhone, not just the iPhone error.

This is because the device is in use for a reason related to the phone’s software and it prevents the charging process from being properly programmed. Therefore, trying to reboot the device by turning it off and on is the simplest and most effective option for people who want to fix errors.

2. Check the charger and connection cable

repair iPhone without battery 2

One of the issues that causes the iPhone to fail to charge is due to your charger and connection cable. To check the connecting cable, you just need to plug in the computer to know if it works or not. If in the case of cable failure, the connection will be interrupted, ie the machine will connect continuously and then disconnect again. If in the case of poor quality cables, knockoffs, iOS may automatically notify incompatible accessories or when plugged into a computer, it can only charge.

As for the charger, we can know whether it works or not by plugging in and charging, maybe flickering at the moment of receiving or not, or charging very slowly. Maybe you charge in 3, 4 hours less than regular iPhone.

3. Turn on the bright screen when charging the phone

It sounds strange, but actually to fix the iPhone does not charge the battery, there have been some devices that have to apply this way. With iPhone X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max devices using iOS 12, iOS 12.0.1, the problem of iPhone not charging is extremely common when many users reflect. About the status when these devices connect to charge but the phone is not receiving signals. As mentioned, this iPhone will turn on the screen, and the problem of not charging the battery will be immediately fixed.

4. Clean the iPhone charging port

repair iPhone without battery 3

One of the problems that is always overlooked and it is the biggest problem that users often encounter is the poorly exposed iPhone charging port. Not because of poor quality, but because of long-term unhygienic use, causing dust to close and can cause contact wear. If you’re lucky just because of the dirt, you just need to take a cotton ball and wipe the exposed feet, maybe it will help you iPhone error does not charge the battery and if it is corrosive, the only way to take it out of the store and replace come on.

5. Check battery on iPhone

repair iPhone without battery 4

Checking the battery on an iPhone is something you have to do regularly with an old device, at least every 2 months or for new devices that use about 1 to 4 months. This is how you can avoid the iPhone not charging because the bottle battery is the cause of the iPhone not charging. Or not exactly a bottle battery, but the faulty battery can also prevent your iPhone from charging the battery.

In addition, you can also perform how to check the battery bottle on the iPhone through the Battery Life support tool, Batterry Life is designed to work exclusively on the iPhone so you feel secure to use.

– Download Battery Life for iPhone here.

6. Update the latest frimware

There are some cases where the iPhone can’t charge the battery coming from the iPhone’s frimware, most of which are newly released frimware, so there are many unavoidable errors. To avoid this problem, you should regularly follow the news of updates to know exactly whether the problem is due to Frimware and update your phone.

Above are all options would like to send to you to fix iPhone not charging battery. Although we are not 100% sure that it will help you fix all iPhone errors can not charge the battery because there are situations that can only be replaced and repaired only. If you need to have a genuine warranty, if it is still under warranty, you can go to the designated Apple iPhone warranty address. Refer to the Apple iPhone warranty address here and find yourself the nearest area.
Or if it is not a genuine warranty and the iPhone fails to charge the battery, we still need to choose the most appropriate and reputable iPhone and iPad repair point. There are many ways to choose an iPhone repair point The current reputation and the simplest is to access the link right here of and choose together.


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