Fix laptop running slowly, jerking or hanging

Slow laptops can come from a variety of reasons, from hardware to software. However, if the slow running laptop situation occurs, please refer to the ways to fix slow running laptop of

Problem laptop running slow can come from two reasons. If the cause is due to hardware, RAM or chip, you have to fix the computer running slowly on the hardware. Properly adjusting and allocating additional hardware for each Windows operating system also helps to fix slow computer running on hardware. If the laptop problem runs slowly by the software, you need operations on your computer. A simple way to tell whether a laptop is running slowly due to software or hardware is to check the parameters and status of the computer. If the machine used to work well in the past, but recently has been running slowly, it is likely due to too many junk applications, software and files. We will give 5 ways to help you fix a slow laptop effective.

Fix laptop running slowly, jerking or hanging

1. Delete files in the Trash.

Many users often think that simply deleting a file can remove data on the computer. However, your Delete action only causes the files to be moved to the Trash only. Want to completely delete the file in the trash, need to open Recycle Bin and Delete entire file.

You can also press right mouse click go to the Recycle Bin. Choose Empty Recycle Bin to quickly delete all files in it.

2. Kill viruses regularly.

Kaspersky Internet Security: Download Kaspersky Internet Security

Viruses, Trojans or other malicious files on the Internet are the cause of slow laptop running. You should install leading anti-virus software such as Kaspersky Internet Security on your computer to prevent and delete infected files. If the laptop is running slowly, install Kaspersky Internet Security then select Scan let this software scan your entire computer, destroying malicious viruses

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3. Defragment the hard drive.

Fragmentation of files is also a cause of latop running slowly, using software on computers slower, to defragment the hard drive on laptops, you do the following.

Step 1: Enter My Computer . Select the Windows drive, usually drive C. Then right click and choose Properties.

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Step 2: A new dialog box appears, select to card Tool s and click on Defragment Now. Wait for the hard drive defragmentation process to take a few minutes.

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4. Delete unnecessary files.

Unnecessary files and folders will consume a lot of hard drive space. Most of these files are in the Download section, the default when you download the application. Please go to section Download on your computer and find unnecessary files, delete all to speed up your laptop.

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5. Fix Registry errors.

CCleaner: Download Ccleaner

Need to use specialized software to fix Registry errors to help your computer and laptop work better.

Install CCleaner software according to the link above. After installation is complete, open the software to select the item Registry. Then press Scan the problem to clean the laptop.

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Missing or missing DLLs or file extensions will quickly appear, you just need to fix this whole error to make the computer work more smoothly.

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In addition to the above 5 ways to help fix a slow laptop, there are some other causes such as hot laptop, software and application errors. If the laptop is running slowly, there are signs of noise and heat when the computer is used for a long time, then the laptop fan has a problem. The simple way is to use a software to check the laptop’s temperature to see if the laptop’s state is normal, if the laptop’s temperature is found to be abnormally hot, remove the laptop to clean, apply thermal paste. If you are not a professional, you can bring your laptop to the repair shop to clean the laptop, to avoid it may cause damage to RAM, hard drive and other components.


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