Fix laptop slow startup, long on the screen

Laptop boot slowly, long on the screen due to various reasons, possibly due to win, due to hardware … The following article will help you grasp some of the causes and how to fix laptop boot forever. Do not enter Windows.

When laptop problems start slowly, take a lot of time, many people often choose to reinstall Windows because using for a long time there are too many junk files exist leading to slow Windows startup, but in fact This can not solve the problem of Windows slow boot, because if reinstalling Windows, it will only help the laptop to boot faster about 1 month, after you use, install more, the problem of slow startup laptop takes place. . Therefore, before you have to use the way to install Windows, you should perform some of the following tips to see if fixing the laptop boots slowly. These are also the ways that can improve and fix the slow startup laptop most thoroughly, but the plan to reinstall Windows can not help you.

Fix laptop slow startup, long on the screen:

1. Turn off Windows Update.

Windows Update tool or Windows update on Control Panel is the most common problem that causes the computer to start slowly. This feature is set to Microsoft by default, and will force users to update to the new version of windows, and the update time is when you turn off and start the computer. Therefore, users need to immediately turn off the Windows Update feature if they want the computer to boot quickly. Moreover, if you are using non-copyrighted versions of Windows, it is best to turn off Windows Update to avoid errors when updating Windows versions.

2. Turn off applications that start with the computer.

When you install popular software on your computer such as Unikey, Internet Download Manager normally these software will default to start on the computer. If you do not need to use such software and tools regularly, you should turn off the application that starts with your computer to reduce the time your laptop boots.

Fix laptop delay 2

3. Delete unnecessary files.

The installation files, images, archives you download to your laptop may be the cause of the slow running of your laptop. Because containing too many junk files will make the hard drive full and the laptop boot slower. Should regularly screening and Delete all these files will help the computer boot a lot faster.

Fix laptop delay. 3

4. Delete the file in the Trash.

After deleting the file with the above method, you need to perform an extra step of deleting the junk file in the trash to delete all the data, because your Delete action only causes the files to be moved to the Trash, want to delete the file. Completely trash the file in the trash, need to open Recycle Bin and Delete entire file.

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You can also press right mouse click go to the Recycle Bin. Choose Empty Recycle Bin to quickly delete all files in it.

5. Kill viruses regularly.

Kaspersky Internet Security: Download KIS

Viruses, Trojans or other malicious files on the Internet are the cause of slow startup. You should install the leading antivirus software such as Kaspersky Internet Security on your computer to prevent and delete infected files, if the laptop is running slowly, install Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus software and then select Scan let this software scan your entire computer, destroying malicious viruses

repair laptop locking device 5

Above are 5 ways to fix a slow boot laptop error that users should try if the computer encounters this situation.
In addition, the way to remove software on your computer is also a good choice to help your laptop boot faster, actually removing software on the computer is very simple, this is a trick that computer users have to know. Imagine if you do not know how to remove software on your computer, it is really disaster. Your computer will be full of memory with a lot of unnecessary software. Even the software that contains Virus, spy is very dangerous.


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