Fix memory memory leak issue on Windows 10

Proceed to fix memory Leak memory consumption error on Windows 10 to help the system run more stable, with Taimienphi to find out the causes and how to fix Memory Leak memory consumption error on Windows 10.

Error memory consumption Memory Leak on Windows 10 infrequently, however, you will rarely discover it until you notice that the device is not working as smoothly as before. The memory is increased without knowing the reason why and now you can feel the difference is obvious on the computer.

As mentioned above, the memory leak error caused by Memory Leak on Windows 10 may be due to a software that consumes RAM, specifically the software in Startup is very likely to cause the situation. Also it could be due to a RAM error that you have to check RAM to know. But whether you check RAM or do it anyway, please refer to our article first to get the best way to fix Memory Leak memory-hogging error on Windows 10.

Memory leak is not caused by a mistake of free space, but by a program that uses more RAM than necessary. A memory leak error occurs on Windows 10/8/7 if the RAM is inaccessible even though it is not being used.

Memory leak error (memory leak) on Windows 10

Before you start fixing bugs, you should know that memory leak (Memory Leak) is a software error, such as in Java, JavaScript, C / C ++, Windows, …. The replacement of RAM or hard drive is not required.

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How does memory leak affect system?

Although a memory leak (memory leak) is a flaw in the system. However, many users do not know exactly how this error affects the system:

first. Because memory is not freed even when not being used, this leads to memory exhaustion.

2. Depleted memory leads to fast software degradation.

3. Decreased memory capacity results in poor system response and longer response time.

4. Memory Leak can lead to a series of applications crashing.

To identify Memory Leak, the developer must have access to the source code of the program.

Locate a memory leak (Memory Leak)

To fix a memory leak, first of all you need to do is locate the leak. The basic steps to locate memory leaks include:

Step 1: Locate the leak.

Step 2: Look for the kernel-mode memory leak mode: locate the leak caused by something on the kernel-mode driver.

Step 3: Find User-mode memory leak: locate the leak caused by user-mode driver or application driver.

Memory allocation

There are different modes in which applications are allocated RAM. If free space is not freed after use, a memory leak will occur. Some models of shared memory include:

first. The HealAlloc function is used to allocate heap memory. C / C ++ runtime is equivalent to mallo.

2. VirtualAlloc function to allocate directly from the operating system

3. Kernel32 API for storing kernel memory for applications. For example, CreateFile, CreateThread.

4. User32 API and Gdi32 API.

Prevent memory leak

Prevention is better than cure, here are some ways to prevent memory leaks.

Keep track of programs and applications that use RAM

Keep an eye on applications, programs that use unusually high RAM in Task Manager. Open Task Manager by pressing the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + ESC, then add columns like Handles, User Objects, GDI Objects, ….

This makes it easy to keep track of programs and applications that use system resources.

Microsoft memory leak diagnostic tool

Different tools diagnose different allocation modes:

first. Application Verifier heap leak diagnostics.

2. UMDH (part of Windows Debugging Tools) diagnoses a process for leaks one by one by monitoring heap memory allocations.

3. Trace Capture thoroughly analyzes RAM usage.

4. Xperf keeps track of heap allocation patterns.

5. The CRT Debug Heap not only tracks heap allocations, but also allows encryption to minimize leaks.

6. JavaScript Memory Leak Detector debug memory leak by code.


first. Use the HANDLE kernel and smart pointers to allocate Win32 resources and heap allocations.

2. Download classes for automated resource management for kernel allocations from the ATL library. The C ++ standard has auto_ptr to allocate the heap.

3. Package the COM interface pointers in “smart pointers” using _com_ptr_t or _bstr_t or _variant_t.

4. Monitor .NET code for applications, programs using abnormal memory.

5. Avoid escaping functions that allow for allocations to be released in variables in most blocks at the end of a function.

6. Only use exception languages ​​after freeing all allocations in _finally block. Wrap all heaps and handle allocations to smart pointers to use the exception C ++ language.

7. Always call PropVariantClear before restarting or removing a PROPVARIANT object.

Guide to fix memory leaks on Memory Leak on Windows 10

Method 1: Close the process and restart

If you find that an unnecessary process is taking up too much RAM, just end that process in Task Manager. Then reboot the device to free up space for other processes.

If the memory leak is not resolved after restarting the computer. Try disabling a process called Runtime Broker, which is known to cause slow computers.

Method 2: Use the Memory Diagnostic Tool

To access the Memory Diagnostic Tool built into Windows:

Step 1: Save all files, tasks that you are doing badly.

Step 2: Press the key combination Windows + R to open the Run window.

Step 3: Enter the command mdsched.exe go to the Run window.

Step 4: Reboot the computer.

repaired memory leak leak

Step 5: After rebooting the computer, perform a basic scan or access advanced scanning options such as Test mix or Pass count.

Step 6: Press F10 to start testing.

This is only a temporary fix.

Method 3: Optimize performance

Adjust Windows performance to manage everything including processor processes and memory usage to prevent memory leaks. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Right-click This PC, select Advanced in the left pane.

Step 2: On the Advanced tab, go to Performance, then select Settings.

Step 3: Check selected Adjust for best performance then click OK, got it.

Find and fix errors in Memory Leak on Windows 10 8 7

Step 4: Restart the computer and check if the error is still there.

If this doesn’t fix the error, try the methods below.

Method 4: Turn off startup programs

Turning off startup programs is the only solution to get rid of memory leaks. Access Task Manager and turn off the programs that are causing the error. If you don’t know which program is the culprit, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open task manager Task Manager.

Step 2: On the Task Manager window, access the tab Startup.

Step 3: Turn off startup programs that you don’t need to run by default.

Find and fix errors in Memory Leak on Windows 10 8 7

Method 5: Defragment the hard drive

While Windows 10 automatically defragments your hard drive, you’ll sometimes have to perform defragmentation to optimize system performance:

Step 1: Access This PC or My Computer.

Step 2: Right-click on the system hard drive (usually drive C :).

Step 3: On the next window, go to Tools under Properties, and select Optimize.

Step 4: Select the drive to defragment then select Analyze.

Find and fix errors in Memory Leak on Windows 10 8 7

Step 5: Restart your computer after defragmentation.

Method 6: Delete Page File after shutdown

Follow the steps below to delete Page File every time you turn off your device:

Step 1: Import regedit Click the Search box to open Registry Editor.

Step 2: On the Registry Editor window, navigate to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMoryory Management

Step 3: Change the value of ClearPageFileAtShutDown was first.

Step 4: Save the changes and restart your computer.

Method 7: Turn off Superfetch

This Windows service optimizes system performance by reducing boot time. Superfetch allows Windows to manage RAM usage. It should be noted that after disabling Superfetch the system performance may be reduced. However, to fix the memory leak, you can try how to turn Superfetch off.

Step 1: Import services.msc Click the Search box to open Services Manager.

Step 2: On the Services Manager window, find and right click Go to Superfetch, select Properties.

Step 3: Choose Stop.

Step 4: Or also you can choose Disable to disable the service from the menu.

Step 5: Restart your computer and check to see if the system performance has improved.

Step 6: If the error is not fixed, reactivate Enable Superfetch.

Method 8: Check for malware

Use 3rd party antivirus software or Windows Defender on Windows 10 to scan and remove malware (malware) on your computer. Make sure your antivirus programs are up to date to support your operating system, otherwise it could be the culprit causing a memory leak.

Method 9. Turn off startup programs.

Turning off programs that launch on your computer will help you check if your computer still has a memory leak problem. The procedure is quite simple and you just need to do the following.

Step 1: Click Right-click on the Taskbar and choose Task Manager from the Menu interface. You can also use keystrokes Ctrl + Alt + Del to Quickly open this operation.

Fix delicious memory leak on Windows 10 2

Step 2: As soon as the Task Manager appears, go to the next item Startup , where the software runs with Windows. There are 2 status columns here Status and Starup impact .

fix the memory leak on Windows 10 3

Turn off all applications whose status is Enabled and satisfactory Contented Startup impact in mode High . These are mostly software on your computer that is allowed to run in the background, some of them are applications that update or run a certain process, so you should consider before shutting down.

Step 3: To turn off a running software we just right click and select Disable is done, so that software is permanently not allowed to run on the system anymore.

fix the memory leak on windows 10 4

Method 10. Proceed to upgrade the Driver

One of the most likely causes of Memory Leak on Windows 10 is that the current driver version has not been optimized or the system compatibility problem has occurred. However, it is very time consuming to check and update each driver, a solution sets for you is to use automatic driver update software, here is Driver Booster, one of The largest automatic driver update software with over 400,000 drivers from the data store, to download please Driver Booster here.

Fix delicious memory leak on Windows 10 5

Method 11. Conduct a RAM test

It is possible that your RAM has a problem, an error that makes managing RAM in Windows 10 incorrect or unstable. Conducting a RAM test for more appropriate remedies is a step you take to fix Memory Leak on Windows 10.

Step 1: Open the Start Menu and type “memory “to access Windows Memory Diagnostic .

Fix delicious memory leak on Windows 10 6

Step 2: Immediately a bulletin board Windows Memory Diagnostic pops up asking you to reboot. Choose the first option to reboot immediately or the second option is to reboot after you.

Fix delicious memory leak on Windows 10 7

Step 3: Now your computer will automatically restart and enter Windows Memory Diagnostic mode, you can press F1 To choose from 3 different modes.

Fix delicious memory leak on Windows 10 8

Step 4: There are 3 modes Basic, Standard and Extended with a deeper level of detailed scanning, if you have time, choose Extended to check his health carefully.

Fix delicious memory leak on Windows 10 9

Then go back to Windows to see if the RAM has occurred when conducting a RAM test, from which you will know if the cause is due to RAM causing the Memory Leak error on Windows 10 or not to proceed. repair, replace RAM, you should also conduct RAM upgrades for your computer as if the current amount of RAM is not enough, upgrading RAM should also be careful because not all types of ram are suitable for every device.

The above are instructions to help you to consume Memory Leak on Windows 10. Make the computer can reach the same speed again, no lag phenomenon and do not need to speed up the computer anymore. Where, the computer reported an error Your computer is low on memory, you refer to the way fix Your computer is low on memory here
Although Windows 10 has been out for quite some time, you should also use it to avoid basic errors occurring on Windows 10 like this case. In addition, you should not abuse software that helps speed up your computer because it is not sure that it is effective, but it also makes the computer slower.


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