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Fix not found Taskbar bar when browsing


Taskbar, the taskbar contains the icon of the currently running program. It will be frustrating every time we open a program, especially the web browser will not see the Taskbar anywhere. Fixing the problem of not finding the taskbar when browsing the web will be the subject we are dealing with today.


Hello My computer is still using normally, but now I am having an error that I cannot handle, the taskbar is still normal on the desktop but when I browse the web, I can’t see it. While I did not choose full screen when browsing. Can Taimienphi help me overcome this situation?

ddth …

Reply: hello ddth … Thank you for sending questions as well as questions about mailbox. Regarding your question, Taimienphi would like to offer you the following remedies:

Method 1: Restart the computer.

It sounds simple but sometimes with this way will make everything you think is very difficult to be solved in a simple way. For some reason, such as a light software conflict, will cause your browser to overflow the screen and cause the error of not finding the Taskbar when browsing the web. If not fix it, move to the second way below.

Method 2: Turn off the auto-hide taskbar feature.

Step 1: On the computer screen, right-click on the Taskbar and select Properties .

repair failed to replace taskbar when browsing the web

Step 2: Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box appears, remove the checkmark Auto-hide the taskbar then press OK, got it .

repair failed to replace taskbar when browsing web 2

Method 3: It is possible that you have connected your computer to another device such as a television, projector and have the computer automatically set the screen resolution. So you should follow the steps below to reset them:

Step 1: From the Desktop, right click and select Screen Resolution .

repair failed to replace taskbar when browsing web 3

Step 2: Screen Resolution interface appears, under Resolution select the recommended resolution (Recommended) as shown below and then click Apply >OK, got it.

fix failed to replace taskbar when browsing web 4
So with the 3 ways that Taimienphi guides above, hope to fix as well as fix the error of not finding the taskbar when browsing your web. In addition to Chrome browser, a Google web browser used by many people today also often flips errors like not showing up when hiding in the toolbar. To handle this error, you can refer to the article additional how to fix errors Chrome is not visible when hiding down the Taskbar introduced in the previous article.



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