Fix "Record Error, can't open mp3 encoder" on Virtual DJ

Fix “Record Error, can’t open mp3 encoder” on Virtual DJ

Download Virtual DJ software to help mixing popular audio and compatible with popular MP3 formats. However, with many computers often receiving the error message “Record Error, can’t open mp3 encoder”, will guide you to overcome this situation.

Using Virtual DJ on your computer will help you create your own best music with personal style. This software is capable of working on popular MP3 audio formats with different genres.

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But recently, many people have been wondering that they can’t open MP3 files on Virtual DJ Pro and often get error messages. “Record Error, can’t open mp3 encoder”, this is a problem that only until the music mix you discovered.

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Fix “Record Error ….” error Virtual DJ Pro

There are 2 methods to overcome this situation.

* Method 1: Reset Virtual DJ Pro

Step 1: Open Virtual DJ Pro, select the tool Config (Settings) at the top of the interface

fix loi not recode mp3 vitrual dj pro file

Step 2: The Settings window opens, select Tab Info -> Reset to Factory Settings -> OK.

Virtual DJ Pro

Step 3: Restart the utility and try again.

* Method 2: Due to the installation process, Virtual DJ Pro is missing files “lame_enc.dll” so it cannot record MP3 files.

Step 1: Type the keyword “lame_enc.dll” on the Internet and download to your computer

Step 2: On the interface of Virtual DJ Pro, in section Record -> Recore Audio -> Config

Step 3: Window Record Audio Config opened, in section Format select the MP3 format, and open the folder in the section Encoder is the folder containing the installation file

Step 4: Place the missing file “lame_enc.dll” Go to that directory and point your mouse at that file -> Save

Click OK, got it to save settings.

Step 5: Restart Virtual DJ Pro and see the result.

Depending on the case, you can do one of two ways above. If the utility has all the attached files but still cannot record the MP3 file, follow Option 1 and vice versa.


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