Fix red screen error on Windows

When encountering a red screen error on Windows, what will you have to do to fix it? Many have ever encountered a blue screen error, but in the case of a red screen error, it will be less than the content below, Taimienphi will guide how to fix red screen error on Windows, especially Windows 7 if encountered.

Red screen error is reported due to a Microsoft patch for Windows 7 operating system causing users to be unable to boot the operating system anymore. Patch number KB3133977 for Windows 7 is upgraded by many users and encounters the above situation, if you intend to upgrade, please pause.

As far as it is known, this is a conflict bug that keeps patches and motherboards enabled with secure boot on BIOS. Most are Asus mainboards. If you are using Asus Mainboard can press F2 or Delete to enter the bios (depending on the model). Or if you are using a laptop, you can refer to how to get into bios for some laptops. Because each laptop has its own set of keyboard shortcuts, you need to learn how to get into the bios of some laptops before fixing the red screen error on Windows.

Instructions to fix red screen error on Windows

Step 1: Access the BIOS system by pressing Delete (or F2, F12) or refer to how to access the bios laptop mentioned above.

Select Advanced Mode> Boot> Secure Boot.

fix the screen on windows

Step 2: In Secure Boot, find OS Type and change UEFI mode to Other OS.

fix the screen on windows

Step 3: Then press F10, the system will ask to save, click OK to confirm and restart the computer.

fix the screen on windows

Step 4: Repeat the same step 1, when Secure Boot you see the line Plaform Key (PK) state in Unloaded state. So we have resolved the problem.

fix the screen on windows

Now you just need to go to windows normally, this is just a temporary error. Surely in the near future there will be patches to fix the above situation. Also in the process of use, you must have encountered a lot of problems to fix Windows 7 errors, refer to the article about fix win 7 errors of to update your knowledge and solve problems as quickly as possible.


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