Fix Teamviewer error screen black

TeamViewer error black screen is the error, the screen becomes black when your computer has someone access. This is a question of many readers who do not know why suddenly their computer encountered TeamViewer black screen error and asked about this issue.

Error Teamviewer black screen where the reality comes from and why do many people get TeamViewer black screen errors when someone accesses and controls your computer or you’re controlling someone else. But the fact that the black screen Teamviewer error is not considered an error because this is the feature and mode of Teamviewer when you conduct control of someone’s computer.

This feature will be activated when you control a remote computer with Teamviewer, namely a mode that allows your screen to be black, not the TeamViewer black screen error to be able to Remote control computers with Teamviewer better, less lag during control and of course turning off or on we can do it.

Instructions to fix Teamviewer error black screen

Step 1: To fix Teamviewer error the black screen we need to open Teamviewer up then select Extras.

Fix TeamViewer screen to 2

Step 2: In Extras you choose Options to go into the custom section, where we will bug Teamviewer black screen, also known as removing wallpaper removal mode.

Fix TeamViewer screen to 3

Step 3: In Options you enter the item Remote Control, here you will see an item is Remove remote wallpaper, please remove it and then confirm OK, got it is done. The black screen Teamviewer error will no longer occur.

Fix TeamViewer screen to screen 4

Step 4: You can then try again to let others control your computer or you can control other people will see the difference when the error Teamviewer The black screen is completely removed.

Fix TeamViewer screen to 5

As mentioned above, the error of Teamviewer black screen is not really an error but in the contrary it helps you a lot. Especially with a computer with a low configuration or a bad connection, removing the wallpaper is also a good solution. Therefore you should consider when carrying out the error of TeamViewer black screen because this is not an error due to your computer or Teamviewer.
To ensure more security when connecting to Teamviewer recommends that you create a fixed password Teamviewer, creating a fixed password Teamviewer will help you and your loved ones connect more easily while using it. Random password of the system.


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