Fix Teamviewer not showing ID and Pass

There are many causes of TeamViewer error not showing ID and Pass and without considering the above problem, you will not be able to use TeamViewer or any remote computer control tool anymore.

Update: Currently found that the most common error of users is that 2 people connecting computers with Teamviewer are not because they are using 2 different versions. The way to fix the error is to update the latest version together. Download the latest version here Download Teamviewer

It is not uncommon for Teamviewer to encounter bugs but with errors Teamviewer does not show ID and Pass then we really need to know the cause and how to fix it because it causes people suffering from discomfort and also related to other software like Teamviewer with the same features.

To talk about the error status of Teamviewer without showing ID and Pass, it is likely that your computer has blocked Teamviewer or blocked a Teamviewer process. If that is the case, then just uninstall and install Teamviewer again, otherwise it will not only uninstall and install Teamviewer, you will take more time than that.

Instructions to fix Teamviewer error without showing ID and Pass

1. Remove static IP for computer

Static IP is not necessarily the case which leads to Teamviewer error not showing ID and Pass but there are many people who reflect that the error is also common with machines for Static IP, so try it with the simplest way. to fix Teamviewer error is to turn off the computer IP and to the Dynamic IP mode.

Step 1: Open Start Menu up then type Control Panel and access the found results.

Fix teamviewer error id and password 2

Step 2: In Control Panel continue to section View network status and tasks in the section Network and Internet.

Fix teamviewer error id and password 3

Step 3: Here you go to WiFi or Lan network if plugged in.

Fix teamviewer error without ID and password 4

Step 4: Next to continue Properties.

Fix teamviewer error id and password 5

In this part Internet Protocol Version 4 And please double click here to proceed to edit the IP address.

Fix teamviewer error id and password 6

Step 5: Here you just need to select Obtain an IP address automatically, then press OK, got it and exit this section so you have set up dynamic IP. Now open Teamviewer again to see if the error Teamviewer does not show ID and Pass or not.

Fix teamviewer error id and password 7

2. Turn off the firewall

Imagine fire is responsible for protecting your computer from initiating strange intrusions and if you are keeping a firewall, Teamviewer error may not show ID and Pass is also the cause here. To turn off the idea of ​​cheating your computer, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Start Menu up knock Firewall and access Windows Defender Firewall.

Fix TeamViewer password without ID and password 8

Step 2: Here you choose turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.

Fix TeamViewer password without ID and password 9

And in here you click on it all Turn off then confirm OK, got it is done, the firewall is complete and try again to see if Teamviewer still has Teamviewer error does not show ID and Pass or not.

Fix the teamviewer password is not displayed and the password is 10

3. Antivirus software

Antivirus software is always a problem of many utilities, software because it protects your computer too safely and strange connections will be crossed out by default, however if you are having Teamviewer needs to use it can temporarily turn it off to be able to connect to other computers. Moreover, the anti-virus software causes the computer to lumber when used. So if your computer is not well then you should remove the antivirus software and use the default antivirus of Windows.

4. Error with Teamviewer file

A simple cause that is not always encountered is the faulty Teamviewer file. A part of Teamviewer is faulty, broken can also cause Teamviewer error does not show ID and Pass and in this case you just need to remove Teamviewer and then install Teamviewer the latest version. To be able to download Teamviewer The latest version is only here.

For the 4 reasons that we have mentioned above, you can try to fix Teamviewer error not showing ID and Pass, in addition, the above methods do not affect your computer so completely. mind and apply.
After showing the ID and Pass, the connection to Teamviewer will return to normal. Do not forget to change the password Teamviewer regularly to secure your computer offline. More than that Change Teamviewer password is also genuine release encourages users to do it often because there is no best way of security by being careful.


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