Fix the computer error automatically restart

Fix the computer error automatically restart

What is more annoying when the computer continuously restarts even when you have turned off the device, if you are also facing the computer error automatically restart after shutdown, you read the article reference. Below of to know how to fix errors.

There are many causes of errors that cause the computer to automatically restart after plugging in or putting it into sleep mode and even after shutting down. To find out the details of the cause as well as how to fix a computer error that restarts itself many times, read the next article of

Search the culprit is the cause to wake up the computer

First open Command Prompt under Admin and enter the following command and press Enter:

powercfg -lastwake

If you do not know how to open Command Prompt under Admin, read the article run CMD as Administrator on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 on to know how to do it

The above command will display the last list of devices that will wake up the computer. Next enter the following command:

powercfg -devicequery wake_armed

The above command will display a list of all devices that can wake up your computer. If the cause of the computer restarts continuously in the hardware domain, the ideal solution is to run the second command.

restart computer 2

In the list of examples below, you can see there are 3 devices that wake up the computer, including a keyboard, mouse, and Gigabit network connection, ie Ethernet.

Fix computer startup error

If your Windows computer starts up after it goes into Sleep mode or restarts randomly, the culprit is most likely due to hardware or software issues. The next section below will guide you some ways to fix computer errors automatically restart after shutdown or put to sleep Sleep.

Method 1: Disable, turn off Fast Startup

Windows 10 is integrated with Fast Startup mode, this mode does not turn off the computer in the usual way but keeps the computer in a state of support so that when users reopen the computer, the process will occur faster. However, this can also be the cause of the error that makes the computer start automatically when plugged in, so the solution is disabled, turn off Fast Startup.

If you do not know how to disable, turn off Fast Startup, read the article Skip Fast Startup, fix black screen error when booting win 8 and win 10 on to know how to do it.

Method 2: Prevent Task Scheduler from waking the computer

Sometimes the culprit is the error that causes the computer to start automatically after shutdown, and the computer restarts several times due to software rather than hardware. Chances are you are using Scheduled Tasks to track and complete some of your work at specific times of the day. In this case, to fix the computer that starts automatically, change the Power settings to make sure the device skips tasks when in Standby or Hybrid mode.

Step 1: Open Power Options => click to select Change Plan Settings.
Step 2: Make sure you have selected the correct one Power plan, then select the option Change advanced Power settings.
Step 3: Find and expand items Sleep to find options Allow Wake Timers and disable this option.

Do this to ensure that no program can wake the computer even when the device is in sleep mode or when the device is turned off.

Note: This method only applies to laptops.

Method 3: Disable, turn off Automatic Restart (automatic restart)

If the computer crashes several times and the system restarts automatically, the cause may be the Automatic Restart feature. The solution to fix this problem is to turn off Automatic Restart to fix the computer to restart continuously without going to the screen.

restart computer 3

– Import System Go to the Search box on the Start menu.
– On the list of search results, click to open the System window.
– In the left pane, select Advanced system settings =>Advanced tab.
– In the section Startup and Recovery, click Settings.
– Uncheck the item Automatically Restart then click OK, got it

Method 4: The mouse or keyboard wakes the computer

Besides, a mouse or keyboard can also be the culprit causing the computer to restart itself continuously, sometimes just touching the keyboard or mouse can start the computer while in sleep mode, ….

These devices include power management options, we can disable this option to make sure these accessories do not wake the computer unless we really want to.

Open Device Manager by clicking Windows + X then press M. On this window shows a list of all computer hardware. Here you select the mouse or keyboard.

Right-click and select Properties, then click Power tabManagement and uncheck the option Allow this device to wake the computer.

computer startup 4

In addition to the mouse and keys, if you are using other gaming devices to play games on your computer, you will have to disable, turn off the power options for these devices.

To find the device that is causing the wake up, causing the computer to reboot itself, we use the command powercfg -lastwake has introduced above. Try disabling each device to find out what is causing the error.

Note: Make sure, at least, that the keyboard or mouse is capable of waking the computer if you do not want to have to press the Power button each time you wake up, turn on the computer from different sleep modes.

Method 5: Turn off Wake On LAN feature

If the computer is connected to the network, Wake On Lan can bring the computer online again. This feature is extremely useful if a computer wants to communicate or send data and files to other computers on the same network only access online when required.

Wake On Lan is integrated in the hardware, ie network card, can also cause the computer to wake up and cause a computer to start automatically. To fix the computer will automatically start, we will turn off the Wake On Lan feature.

Open Device Manager by clicking Windows + X then press M. In the section Network Adapters, find any network, the default is Miniport.

Right-click and select Properties =>Power management => Uncheck the option Allow this device to wake up the computer.

computer startup 5

This is to ensure that no computer on the network can wake up, causing your computer to start automatically.

Method 6: Prevent Windows from automatically updating and maintaining

Depending on the time you set or the schedule was set up by default, it is likely that Windows Update has restarted the PC to complete the update process. In addition, Windows also has built-in Automatic Maintenance mode to wake the computer at the set time and update all available updates on the computer.

computer startup 6

Open Settings =>Windows Update and Security =>Windows Update => select Active Hours.

To change the time for Automatic maintenance, enter it Automatic maintenance Go to the Search box on the Start menu, on the list of results to open the window. Here you can change the time or uncheck the box Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer at the scheduled time go is done.
The article above has just taught you some ways to fix computer errors that start automatically when in sleep mode or even shutdown. In addition, if you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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