Fix the error of unable to type Vietnamese on Coc Coc new version

During the use process, if you encounter the error of not able to type Vietnamese on Coc Coc new version, type the wrong characters on the Coc Coc web browser, you can follow the following instructions to fix the situation. meet this.

TipsUsing Coc Coc – Check spelling, Look up dictionary super accurate

Cup Cup is a free web browser for Vietnamese only, developed by Coc Coc Technology Co., Ltd. based on the open source Chromium – a security platform and used by many other web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera and more recently. is Edge Chrome. If you are using the new version that encountered Error of not hitting Vietnamese on Coc Coc the solution is not too complicated, guys.

Fix the error of unable to type Vietnamese in Cốc Cốc browser

How to fix Vietnamese language errors on Coc Coc new version

– Download Coc Coc for computer the latest version here: Download CocCoc
– Download Coc Coc for Android here
– Download Coc Coc for iPhone here

You follow the ways below to check and fix typos in Vietnamese on the new Coc Coc browser.

Method 1: Install the latest version of Unikey

You can download Unikey 4.3 RC4 on to fix it. This update has completely corrected input errors and Vietnamese characters errors on most current Web browsers.

– Download Unikey 4.3 RC4 64Bit here.
– Download Unikey 4.3 RC4 32Bit here.

After download and install Unikey New successful version, right click on the icon Unikey -> select Run as administrator.

fix the problem can not go to Vietnamese on coc coc new 2

Text icon appears V of the Unikey in the System tray as shown below:

fix the problem can not go to vietnamese on coc coc new 3

Finally, try typing on Coc Coc to check for errors:

fix the problem can not go to Vietnamese on coc coc new 4

If the above method does not work, try to follow the instructions in the second way below.

Method 2: Reinstall Coc Coc or Update to the latest version

You proceed to uninstall the current browser that uses Coc Coc’s browser and encounters an error of not typing Vietnamese, if you do not know how to remove Coc Coc, you can refer to the article how to uninstall the program on the Windows computer here.

Then download the version Cup Cup Latest follow the link we have introduced above to download, reinstall the application.

Or if the browser Cup Cup You are using the old version you can make Update Coc Coc directly To update to the new version as follows:

Step 1: Open the browser Cup Cup, click menu Cup Cup In the left corner of the toolbar, select Introducing Coc Coc.

You will be redirected to the information page about Cup Cup, here the system will automatically check the version information and automatically download the latest updates for you.

After the update is completed, please restart your browser to finish.

fix the problem can not go to Vietnamese on coc coc noi 5

Now, let’s manipulate the input, type Vietnamese on Coc Coc new version see okay!
Above, Taimienphi has just shown you two quickest ways to overcome Error of not typing Vietnamese on Coc Coc browser. Similarly, you absolutely can apply to Fix Vietnamese typing errors in Chrome. Good luck!


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