Fix the faulty USB that cannot open the file

USB connection but not opening files or appearing some strange files on USB is not uncommon. This is due to a USB error that fails to open files by viruses, which invade and hide your files or may delete your files.

Our USB is small, but there are many problems with it if you use it carelessly. Such as the status USB error could not open the file but you do not know where it comes from, it also causes your USB to appear a lot of strange, confusing files.

If you encounter a USB error that cannot open the file, your USB error may have been infected and corrupted by a virus. The internal data may be retained but may not be depending on the case and the virus. And to help you solve the USB error above, in this article will help you how to fix the USB error of not opening the file, in addition to the measures to help you to recover the data.

Instructions to fix a USB error that cannot open the file

There are many ways to help you USB failed to open files, can see the files and folders back to the way they were. But remember that after fixing the USB error does not open the file, you must conduct a virus scan by professional software and also format the USB again.

Suppose we have a USB with lots of hidden folders and you can do the following.

USB failed to install file 2

1. USB failed to open file with Folder Options

Folder Options or more fully named File Explorer Options, known as the management and setting tool for Folders on your computer, you can use Folder Options to open hidden files.

Step 1: Open the Start Menu Type Folder > Then visit File Explorer Options.

Note: In Windows 7, you can go to Control Panel, so small view will see Folder Options immediately.

usb failed to install file 3

Step 2: Here you just need Click on View and Select Show hidden files, folders, and drivers already Apply >OK, got it.

USB failed to install file 4

Step 3: Immediately after re-enter the USB drive, you will see these items appear, proceed to copy to another drive.

usb failed to delete file 5

After copying, remember to scan the virus and format this USB.

2. Fix USB error that cannot open the file with decompression software

You may not know that using decompression software to open hidden files is one of the extremely interesting features that few people know. Here use WinRAR decompression software to open, if your computer does not have WinRAR Please download it right here.

Step 1: If you haven’t already, install the software and open it by searching on Start menu.

usb failed to install file 6

Step 2: Here you see the interface of WinRAR, click on the address bar to go to the USB directory.

usb failed to delete file 7

In the interface of WinRAR, whether hidden or not, all folders will appear as normal as you see.

USB failed to install file 8

Step 3: Now you just need to drag and drop those files to a designated location so you can perform backup before formatting the USB.

USB failed to install file 9

The process will be similar to the regular copy, depending on whether your file is heavy or light.

USB failed to install file 10

3. Fix USB error that cannot open files with FixAttrb Bkav

FixAttrb Bkav is the software of Bkav that allows displaying the hidden files completely due to viruses, trojans. This is a completely free software that you can use to combat the error of USB not opening the above file.

Step 1: Download FixAttrb Bkav about the computer here.

Step 2: Proceed to launch Bkav FixAttrb software, here you click to select folder.

usb failed to install file 11

Step 3: Navigate to your USB path to conduct the scan.

usb failed to delete file 12

Step 4: Then click continue show hidden files For Bkav FixAttrb to execute the command.

usb failed to delete file 13

When FixAttrb Bkav asks if you want to show hidden files, click yes.

usb failed to delete file 14

Step 5: After the message shows hidden files completed, your task is to proceed to copy these files to another drive and then scan for viruses and reformat the USB only.

usb failed to delete file 15

Above are 3 ways to help you fix a USB error that cannot open a file, the situation of not opening files and folders and being hidden. With all three ways are easy to implement and if not successful you can use the remaining methods.
But it is the case that your USB has not lost data or been damaged by the virus, and if we encounter a worse case, we need to have USB data recovery software to do this, Because the USB data recovery software There will be strong features that will help you solve this problem.


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