Fix the printer error that hangs, cannot print due to paper jams

There are many cases that cause the printer to hang, but in this article, please mention the most common problem that we cannot print due to paper jams, a common error. Not everyone knows how to fix them.

Getting stuck in paper is a common problem on printers, but it’s not good if you’re stuck frequently, and this can even affect the printer, causing the printer to hang and otherwise. be careful when you take out the paper, you might cause the printer to have some parts broken, worse, the printer will have white streaks when printing or there may be some ink errors, black border. wish.

To be able to fix the printer is suspended as well as not printing due to paper jams, then read our following article to know how to proceed offline.

Fix the printer that hangs and cannot print the paper jam

Things to do when experiencing this situation:

– The first thing you need to do is turn off the power of the printer to make sure there is no electricity when we remove the printer.

– It is important to remove jammed paper in the correct way to avoid damaging the internal devices as well as toner cartridge components. If you do not know how to read it, you can refer to how to fix our paper jam printer error here.

– After removing the jammed paper, remember to clean the devices and then reinstall the cartridge and temporarily not restart the printer yet, and then we need to repair the device. Print hangs.

How to fix suspended printer error

To completely fix the suspended printer, you must restart the printing process on the computer as well as delete all previous print jobs to avoid duplication of orders causing wasted paper.

Step 1: On the desktop, press the key combination Windows + R to open the composite order Run then type in that “Services.msc ” and press OK, got it Please.

Fixing the printing machine error does not print due to the shoe connection 2

Step 2: In the section Services You scroll down to find the process called Print Spooler , this is the process that allows you to start the printer on the computer.

Fix the printing machine that is unable to print because of the shoe connection 3

Right-click on it and then select restart to reboot.

Step 3: Wait for a few moments after the process runs, you can try to turn on the printer, print again to see if the error of the suspended printer has been fixed.

Fix the printing machine of the printing machine that cannot print due to the shoe connection 4

Wrong when your printer is turned on and can be reprinted as usual, the error that the suspended printer has completely processed successfully.

Above also please note that readers that printer crashes occur during printing is a lot, so you can not fix the maximum but can only be limited by the careful printing, using the machine properly as well as pay attention to clean the machine to set the highest efficiency. Avoid having to print again and again due to errors or having to cancel the print job often due to paper jams many times.

In addition, your computer has a printer error Spoolsv.exe, Print Spooler service not runing causes the situation that it cannot print but of course is not due to paper jams, do not worry because this is a basic error, common error very easy to fix. Refer to our article to get a fix Spoolsv.exe printer error , Print Spooler service not runing on any type of printer.
Using a printer, usually users will share the printer in LAN, if you do not know how to share the printer in LAN, refer to how to share the printer in LAN that we have instructed. Good luck!


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