Fix "USB Device Malfunctioned Error" error

Fix “USB Device Malfunctioned Error” error

When using USB storage, moving data, there are many errors you may encounter. Error “USB Device Malfunctioned Error” is not an error that you often encounter when using USB, but if you encounter this error, many people will be confused and don’t know how to solve it.

USB is the device most people use today. However, during use, it is not possible to avoid errors. If the previous article Taimienphi has instructed you to fix the error of not connecting the USB to Windows or fixing the USB error displaying the wrong capacity, … then this article you will know how to fix “USB Device Malfunctioned Error”

Instructions for fixing “USB Device Malfunctioned Error” error

1. Clear the cache

This way, you turn off the computer, then unplug the power cord if the desktop or unplug the charger and remove the battery if the laptop, leave it for about 30 minutes. Then you insert and start using normally to help the machine clear cache information with the USB connected.

2. Missing or incompatible chipset drivers:

Make sure you have installed the driver for the mainboard chipset. If not, you can download the latest update for your chipset chipset driver.

Tips If you have not installed the full driver for the computer, you can refer to how to update the missing driver for the computer with 3DP Chip to install the full driver fastest.

The above are the two causes for USB errors “USB Device malfunctioned error”. Please try to follow the solutions we have guided in the article to resolve this error.


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