Fix USB infected Virus error cannot open

USB is often used to copy data. However, they have a lot of potential risks: one person’s USB can be plugged into other people’s computers to exchange data, print, etc. So when one USB is infected, the virus may have many machines. Computer and many other USB also infected with Virus. The majority of viruses spread on USB are Autorun Virus, if the USB is infected Virus will not open.

Today, the internet is booming, computer users are always at very high risk of Virus problems, especially when using USB to copy between multiple computers. When the USB or computer is infected Virus can cause your important data to be lost. The following article will guide you on how to fix USB infected Virus cannot open.

Instructions to fix USB infected virus that cannot open

To remove autorun viruses on USB in general, the most common tool can be mentioned Smart Virus Remover, is a compact utility but has many features.

The program can restore applications in Windows when attacked by Virus, which cannot be opened such as: Task Manager, Registry, Run, … to the default, and kill most Viruses autorun in USB. Viruses that Smart Virus Remover can remove include expressions such as: Automatically generate autorun.inf, Folder.exe files in USB, open inaccessible USB notification, automatically create new windows, …

The important issue is not to let your computer be infected with Virus, by installing one of the popular antivirus software such as BKAV, AVG, Kaspersky, …

– Then you use Smart Virus Remover to Remove Virus from USB. You can download the latest version of Smart Virus Remover here.

– The main interface of the program as shown below, plug the infected USB into the computer, then select Remove Virus From USB.
Choose OK, got it to end the USB Virus removal process.

To use Smart Virus Remover Your computer must first “clean” Virus by using anti-virus software for your computer. Then use Smart Virus Remover to remove Virus in USB, especially effective program with most autorun cause annoying errors today.


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