Fix Windows 10 can not open applications Skype, Chrome, Paint

On Windows 10 sometimes there are still some unintended problems users, the situation of Win 10 can not open applications such as Skype, Chrome, Paint 3D … also quite a lot of users reflected in recent versions. here. Although the way to fix Win 10 error does not open the application quite easily, but not everyone knows.

Windows 10 error does not open the application are diagnosed as applications that display on Live Title boxes. When you click, there will not be any reaction at all, sometimes it is just a few applications and sometimes it can also be all applications on the Live Title. In many cases, the error of Win 10 not opening the application is already using the old version, not upgrading Windows 10 to the latest versions, the versions have removed the above errors.

But if you do not want to upgrade Windows 10 there are still many different ways to fix Windows 10 error not opening the application, please refer to the ways in the article and apply it to the computer, lap is having the above problem.

The cause of the Windows 10 error is not opening the application

– Due to an error in the version of Windows.
– Due to the computer being infected with a virus that damages the file system
– Due to the use of Regedit error correction software that automatically causes conflicts during the scan and removal of Regedit.

How to fix Win 10 error does not open the application

1. Restart the App, software on Live Titles

In case Win 10 fails to open applications that are only on a few applications displaying Live Titles, you can use the following method to fix.

Step 1: First you need to enable show hidden files on Windows 10 by opening Start Menu up then type “Hidden files“and access to Show Hidden files and folders, which allows us to set features related to files and directories.

Windows 10 cannot be used 2

Step 2: In File Explorer Options you enter the item View and tick Show hidden files, folders, and drives already Apply and OK, got it Please.

Windows 10 cannot be used 3

Step 3: Next, you access the path C:> Users>Your hostname>AppData> Local> Packages>

Inside your hostname Here is the user name you are using that computer.

Windows 10 cannot be used 4

When you visit here, you will see a series of listings on Live Titles appear, for example in this article. Skype machine’s faulty. Remember to get it on this app.

Step 4: Press the key combination Windows + X to open Power Menu and choose Command Prompt run by right Adminitrator Please.

Windows 10 cannot be used 5

Step 5: Here you copy the following code into:

PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command “& {$ manifest = (Get-AppxPackage application name) .InstallLocation + ‘> AppxManifest.xml’; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $ manifest} “

In particular, we replace the application name with the App name itself, the software experiencing Win 10 error does not open the application. The above example is Skype.

Note: You should use Notepad to copy the code correctly.

Windows 10 cannot be used 6

When replacement will be:

PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command “& {$ manifest = (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.SkypeApp) .InstallLocation + ‘> AppxManifest.xml’; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $ manifest} “.

Step 6: Then the system will start running, the process runs quite quickly, so you can try to open the application again to see if the error Windows 10 does not open the application or not.

Windows 10 cannot be used 7

2. Restart the entire App on StartMenu

If your problem is more serious, the error Win 10 does not open applications not only apply to a few applications, software but also the whole, it is best to “restart” your entire Start Menu again Please.

Step 1: This time we will use Powershell to proceed, let’s open Start Menu up type “power shell“and run it with permission Administrator.

Windows 10 cannot be used 8

Step 2: In Powershell you simply enter the following command and press Enter let the system launch. If you do not know how to open Powershell, please refer to the summary of how Open Powershell here

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$ ($ _. InstallLocation)> AppXManifest.xml”}

Windows 10 cannot be used 9

When a yellow font appears, wait for it to run and try again the Live Titles applications are working again and the error of Windows 10 not opening the application has been completely fixed yet.

Windows 10 cannot be used 10

3. Scan Windows 10 errors for the entire system

On Windows 10, there is a very useful command that you can apply in this case if the above options do not work in the case of Windows 10 error if you cannot open the application you are experiencing.

What you have to do is also very simple when just needed Open Powershell Follow the instructions above that mention and type the command sfc / scannow to the scanning system.

Windows 10 cannot be used 11

This process takes quite a while, you wait until Verification 100% complete then restart the computer to see if the computer still has the error Win 10 can not open the application or not.

Windows 10 cannot be used 12
With 3 ways that just gave readers hope you can soon fix Windows 10 error not opening the application. And even when you finish fixing the Windows 10 error that cannot open the application, remember to update Windows 10 soon after. Regularly updating Windows 10 will help you fix the errors that the previous version encountered, patch the dangerous holes for users and this is also an encouraging suggestion from Microsoft itself.


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