Fix Windows 10 v1903 update failure

Fix Windows 10 v1903 update failure

Recently received a lot of questions from readers about the error of Windows 10 v1903 update failed. So in this article, will guide you some ways to fix Windows 10 v1903 update failure.

Microsoft has officially released the version update Windows 10 1903 For all users, bring a host of new features and improvements. All compatible devices will receive notification of downloading and installing Windows 10 v1903.

However, during the installation and update of Windows 10 v1903, users may encounter an update failure. If you are encountering this error, read along to the following article of to learn how to fix Windows 10 v1903 update failure.

1. Fix Windows 10 v1903 update failure

If you are facing the failure to update Windows 10 v1903, the error freezes when downloading the update, … readers can refer to some ways to fix the error below:

– Disable antivirus and VPN / Proxy software before updating.

– The update fails continuously, try turning off the Metered Connection feature in network connection settings, then restart the system and try updating again.

– The Windows 10 v1903 update is quite large, about 2 GB – 4GB. If your Internet connection is slow, downloading the update may take hours.

– Also if insufficient hard drive space can also cause the download and update process of Windows 10 v1903 to fail. So you need to make sure there is enough free hard drive space to update Windows 10 v1903.

– In addition, recommends that you disconnect all peripherals connected to the computer during the download and installation of the update. This may be due to an incompatible driver resulting in a failed Windows 10 v1903 update.

2. Another way to fix Windows 10 v1903 update failure failure

Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

The Windows Update troubleshooter will automatically detect and fix problems that prevent the Windows 10 v1903 update process. Follow the steps below to run the Windows Update troubleshooter:

– First press Windows + I to open the Settings window.

– On the Settings window, find and click Update & Security =>Troubleshoot.

– Choose Windows Update, then click Run The Troubleshooter.

– Troubleshooter will run, check for Windows update and related services running.

– Check the software distribution directory to see if any errors are the cause of the Windows 10 v1903 update failure.

– Restart Windows after the troubleshooting process is complete.

– Check for updates, then click Download button to install Windows 10 May 2019 (or Windows 10 v1903).

– Restart windows to apply changes and use the Winver command to check the Windows version and build number.

Fix Windows 10 v1903 update error hangs 0% or 95%

The cause of 0% or 95% Windows 10 v1903 download and update crashes is probably the faulty, corrupted Windows update components. Resetting Windows update components is an ideal solution, helping to fix most Windows 10 update problems.

Follow the steps below to reset Windows update components and fix Windows 10 v1903 update failures:

– Click Windows + R to open the Run window, then type services.msc Once there, press Enter to open the Windows services window.

– On the Windows services window, scroll down and find the named service Windows update.

– Right-click Windows update, choose restart.

– Perform the same steps with the service BITs and Superfetch but choose Stop.

fix the windows 10 v1903 error that bai 2

– Next press Windows + E to open File Explorer.

– Access the link C: Windows SoftwareDistribution Download.

– Delete all files and folders in this folder by pressing Ctrl + A To select all, then press the key Delete.

Fix Windows 10 v1903 update that thread 3

Windows Update will download new update files from the Microsoft server the next time you check for updates.

– The next step now is to reopen the Windows services window and start the services.

– To do this, right click on the service Windows update, choose Start

– Restart Windows and check for updates.

– Click to select Download button to download and install Windows 10 v1903 and see if the error still occurs.

Run the DISM Restore health command

If you still encounter problems and errors when installing Windows 10 v1903, the next solution for you is to run the DISMrestorehealth command.

Follow the steps below:

– First open Command Prompt under Admin.

– On the Command Prompt window, run the command DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth then press Enter.

– Let the process complete 100%.

– Next run the command sfc / scannow to run System File Checker to help detect and restore missing system files.

– Restart Windows after the scan is 100% complete.

– Finally try to update Windows 10 v1903 and see if any errors, problems occur or not.

Fix Windows 10 v1903 update that thread 4

Use the Media Creation Tool

If you’ve applied the above solutions but didn’t work, the Windows 10 v1903 update still fails, the next solution for you is to use the Windows 10 v1903 Media Creation Tool.

Windows 10 Update Assistant

You can also use the help of Windows 10 Update Assistant to upgrade and update Windows 10 v1903 without any problems.

– Visit the Windows 10 homepage, find and click Update Now to download Windows 10 Update Assistant.

– Right-click Windows 10 Update Assistant, choose Run as administrator.

– Finally, click Update Now button and follow the onscreen instructions to update to the latest version of Windows 10 v1903.

Fix Windows 10 v1903 update that bai 5
The article above has just taught you some ways to fix failed Windows 10 v1903 update. Also, if you have any questions or need answers like Should I upgrade Windows 10 version 1903?, Readers can leave their comments in the comment section below the article.


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