Fix Windows Update error not working

The update process on Windows 10 is pretty well set up, but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect, no matter what happens, especially when it comes to compatibility and patches. error. In this article, will show you how to fix Windows Update not working as well as how to fix failed installation of updates.

Windows Update Sometimes assessed as the foundation for system integrity and security. Microsoft regularly provides security patches, patches and software updates through Windows Update. So if the service is down, out of date, or shut down, Windows may be vulnerable to security breaches.

Refer to some ways to fix Windows Update not working in the following article of

Go online and check if any problems occur

Go online and check for new Windows update. Search for phrases like “Windows Update problems”, “Windows 10 updates” and see if there are any news related to recent updates.

In some cases, the update may contain bugs, known issues, and need to be fixed. This error is especially common in cases if the update fails or is causing the Windows update to stop working.

The latest example is the version update Windows 10Anniversary Update Stick with a variety of errors, installation problems and vulnerabilities. Searching for news related to this update helps you quickly identify problems and fix solutions.

Automatic update manager reboots your computer

You cannot turn off automatic updates on Windows 10, but you can manage after the computer restarts after installing updates. This way, at least you can make sure your computer does not restart during the work process. Here’s how to do this:

Step 1: Open Settings by typing settings Click on the Search box and press Enter. On the Settings window, select Update & Security.

Step 2: Choose Windows update tab at the top of the list. Then click Change active hours in the bottom corner of the window.

Fix Windows update not working 2

Step 3: Doing so opens a window called Active hours, which allows you to set the start time and the end time when a computer restart occurs. Note that this does not change when installing the update, but only when the computer automatically restarts. Select the time you want and then click Save.

Fix Windows update not working 3

Step 4: If the update is already scheduled, you can select the Restart option from the Windows update main settings page to select a custom reboot period. Just switch the installation status to ON and choose the date and time you want.

Fix Windows update not working 4

Step 5: Finally, you can delay upgrading the system for a period of time, usually several months.

Fix Windows update not working 5

Note: This only applies to major feature updates, such as Anniversary Update, but not to monthly security updates. To delay the upgrade, select the Windows update page Advanced then tick the box next to the option Defer feature updates.

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Catch the unexpected problems that may occur on updates, and that’s why Microsoft created the Windows Update Troubleshooter tool.

This tool will run through basic parameters on the operating system and look for problems that may be causing Windows Update to not function properly. If any problems are found, the Windows Update Troubleshooter will automatically fix the problem or at least notify you of the problem.

Download the Windows Update Troubleshooter and install it here: Download Windows Update Troubleshooter

Fix Windows update not working 6

Although the Windows Update Troubleshooter cannot fix the whole problem, it is a great tool to provide you with useful information related to the problems.

Check for installation error codes

If the update fails or something goes wrong, usually it will give you an installation error code. These error codes include a lot of useful information, and you can use it to look up remedies online. Here are some common error codes:

Fix Windows update not working 7

Error 0x800F0922 indicates that you are having trouble connecting to Windows servers and may need to reset the network. Error 0x80200065 means the update was interrupted, either because the computer is suddenly shut down or you log out of the computer.

Error codes may vary on different versions of Windows.

Some other quick fixes for Windows Update errors

If all the above methods apply but no success. You can apply some other quick fixes for Windows Update errors below:

Fix Windows update not working 8

Reboot the computer

This traditional method can be useful in some cases, even with Windows Update. If you receive any error message during the update process, try restarting your computer and running the updates again.

If you do not run Windows Update for a period of time, you will have to repeat this process several times before all updates are installed.

Free up space

Another scenario that could cause the update to fail may be due to a full disk space. Minimum hard drive capacity is 10GB. The solution to this problem is to clean the computer, delete junk files for PCs and laptops to free up free space, thereby fixing Windows Update not working due to lack of space.

To do this, you enter Disk Cleanup In the Search Cortana box, on the list of search results, click to open the utility. If required, select the system drive (usually drive C :). Then specify the types of files you want to remove and then click OK, got it Take care not to select important system files.

Malware can be the culprit in the error

Malware can alter important system files and disrupt Windows services. The ideal solution is to use antivirus software to scan for malicious software and remove them from the system.

Contact Microsoft support

If you’ve applied all the way to fix Windows Update not working but not satisfactory, the final solution is to contact Microsoft support for help resolving the problem.
So above has just provided you with some ways to fix Windows Update not working. Besides, you can refer to how to fix the error Windows Update crashes for more on how to handle this problem. Are you experiencing these same problems or not. Share your comments, reviews for offline.


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