Fixed a bug where the mouse lights up but can’t move

How to fix the mouse light but can’t move, we have to do? There are many causes and also corresponding remedies, please read the following content to know how to do it.

Usually, to identify whether or not a mouse is connected to a computer, users will look at the light under the mouse base. Most of the mid-range and high-end mice have lights inside the mouse. However, there are some cases where the mouse error lights up but cannot move. So the cause of the mouse light error but cannot move is due to where, and how to fix it. Let’s discover right after.

Fix mouse error with lights but can’t move:

1. Change the USB port.

This is most likely due to a loose USB port, or it may be that the USB port you are plugging in has failed. Unplug the USB port connecting the mouse and laptop and plug it back in. Can switch to another port to fix this error.

skip to destination but can't move 2

There are many cases of broken computer mouse, jumping around, users often choose to buy a new mouse but do not know that if they find the cause, they can still fix computer mouse errors, Taimienphi previously introduced to you article how to fix broken computer mouse, if interested, please refer

2. Restart the computer.

It is also possible that your computer is in conflict with the software, so the Mouse Driver does not run. If plugging in the USB mouse still doesn’t work, try Restart the computer.

Since you can’t use the mouse, you need to press the key Windows >Right arrow —> and select Arrow up Go to the Restart section and click Enter to restart the computer.

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3. Uninstall the Computer Mouse Driver.

If that doesn’t work, try removing the mouse driver.

Step 1: Press Start> Run.

skipping to but not moving 4

Step 2: Import devmgmt.msc Go to Run and press Enter to open.

skip to destination but cannot move 5

Step 3: Choose HD Complaint mouse and right click Unistall.

go to destination but can't move 6

Finally restart the computer your.

skipping to but not moving 7

If you use all three ways to fix the mouse but the light is not moving but still not successful, your mouse may have a wire inside. Buy a new mouse to use.
For laptop users, for effective mouse use, you should turn off your laptop keyboard mouse. On each laptop line there is a different way to turn off the laptop keyboard mouse. However, you can still perform the easy way to turn off the laptop keyboard mouse with the instructions of Turn off the laptop keyboard mouse to be able to use the wired mouse effectively, avoid having to touch the laptop keyboard mouse to interrupt the work.


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