Fixed YouTube black screen, not playing videos on iPhone, Android, PC and Macbook

On a clear day, you want to relax with movies, or music videos on YouTube but you can’t watch, instead a black screen. With the following YouTube black screen bug fixes on the following devices, you will overcome this situation.

Youtube Nowadays it is widely used and familiar to many people, it is a social network with unique videos shared by many people. However as if in the process use Youtube You encounter the situation black screen However, after restarting the device and watching normally, the situation is still repeated in the following video.

Fix Youtube black screen error.

Usually this error rarely happens and most if it happens it usually comes from the main Flash Player. Earlier with instructions fix Youtube black screen issue on Edge Windows 10 users who have been introduced in the previous article receive a lot of feedback from readers. Then today, Taimienphi will guide you how to fix YouTube black screen error of not playing videos on devices through the following general article.

How to fix Youtube error of black screen, unable to play videos

1. Fix Youtube error of black screen on PC and Macbook

1.1. For Google Chrome browser

Step 1: At the interface of Chrome, you type Chrome: // Flags Go to the Address bar as shown below.

Fix YouTube videos to video on iPhone Android PC and Mac 2

Step 2: Here you press the key combination Ctrl + F and enter or copy the following into the search box Disable hardware-accelerated video decode (Decode hardware accelerated videos).

Fix YouTube videos that can't play on iPhone, Android, PC and Mac 3

If in mode Disable (Disable) then you switch on Enable (On). If it is already in this mode, make sure your Flash Player is faulty, please remove and install Flash Player to reinstall the latest version.

Download Adobe Flash Player here: Download Flash Player

Download Flash Player for Mac here.

Step 3: Click on it Relaunch Now (Rerun now) lets the system automatically restart the browser.

Fix YouTube videos to video on iPhone Android PC and MacBook 4

1.2. Clear cache and cookies.

To clear cache and cookies, press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Delete. At the page Clear browsing data, tick the items cache and cookies then select Clear browsing data as shown below.

Fix YouTube videos that can't play on iPhone, Android, PC and Mac 5

1.3. Activate JavaScript.

Videos on YouTube cannot be played without JavaScript disabled or disabled, so you need to make sure JavaScript is enabled.

To check this feature, go to Chrome Settings > Show advanced settings (Show advanced settings). Find to section Privacy (Privacy), click Conten Settings (Content settings). In JavaScript you tick the checkmark Allow all sites to run Java Script (Allow all sites to run JavaScript) then press Done (Completed).

Fix YouTube videos to video on iPhone Android PC and MacBook 6

1.4. For Safari browser

If you have a Mac and have a black screen YouTube bug on Safari, try deleting your cookies and browsing data. To delete, please visit Safari Preference > Privacy > click Manage Website Data. At the next window, you choose Remove All .

Fix YouTube videos to video on iPhone Android PC and MacBook 7

1.5. On other web browsers like Firefox, Opera

Step 1: In the browser, type or copy the following address into the Address bar “

Fix YouTube videos to video on iPhone Android PC and Macbook 8

Step 2: Click the button Request the HTML 5 player (Requires HTML 5 player)

Fix YouTube videos that can't be played on iPhone, Android PC and Macbook 9

2. Fix YouTube black screen bug on Android phones

2.1 Clear the YouTube application cache

By clearing the application cache, you can fix most errors on Youtube. To perform this operation, you follow the link Settings (Settings)> Apps and navigate to the YouTube application.

Fix YouTube videos to video on iPhone Android PC and MacBook 10

2.2. Update to the latest version of Youtube

You may be using an outdated version of Youtube and do not receive the best support of the application, so please upgrade the application to the latest version.

Download Youtube for Android here.

3. Fix Youtube black screen error on iPhone devices

3.1. Clear the YouTube application cache

Similar to Android devices, clearing the cache can also be a way to effectively fix most errors on your device. But on iOS devices, you can’t directly delete the cache, but the only way to clear the cache is to uninstall and reinstall the application. After reinstalling the app, try checking to see if the black screen error has been fixed.

Download Youtube for iPhone here.

3.2. Allows the Yotube application to use mobile data

Youtube black screen error can occur when the application is not licensed to use mobile data on your device when you are using the application when turning on mobile data (3G / 4G).

To fix this error, go to Settings (Settings)> Cellular (Mobile)> scroll down and navigate to Youtube, switch the status bar to status ON .

Fix YouTube videos to video on iPhone Android PC and MacBook 11

Above are ways to fix and fix YouTube black screen error on devices such as computers or phones. In addition to the above, you can also try checking the modem configuration, this may also be a problem that causes black screen on YouTube. At the same time you try to remove the ad blocking tools, they may be the cause of unstable YouTube operation.
Youtube is the social network with the largest video uploads in the world today, so users cannot watch all videos in their free time, now you can use the method to download Youtube videos to your device. If you have a device that you can watch later in the free time, the way to download YouTube videos depends on your computer or phone.


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