Folder Protector - How to password protect the folder on your computer

Folder Protector – How to password protect the folder on your computer

The software supports strong folder and folder protection. It does not allow anyone to access and perform any action on the folders, folders with Password.

Folder Protector is a useful tool for those who regularly work and share computers with others, it helps you keep your data safe by setting passwords for folders. But to Use Folder Protector effective, do you know how? Follow the article below to know how to set passwords, passwords for folders on your computer using Folder Protector.

Besides Folder Protector, there are many software that supports locking, protecting folders such as Hide Folder, using Hide Folder helps you lock important folders on your computer, do not allow others to open to see unless there is. Your password, the way Use Hide Folder is also very simple, if you are interested in inviting you to watch.

Instruction to set password to protect folder by Folder Protector

Step 1: Download and install the software.

– You can download the latest version of Folder Protector here.

– Setting: Pretty simple, just follow the instructions.

Step 2: Use software to set the password for the folder

Start Folder Protector with the following interface:

Folder Protector

To set a password for the directory you select the folder to pass by clicking on the icon as shown below

Step 3: A new window will appear, select the folder to set password protection and press OK, got it (Taimienphi select Betdownload folder)

Step 4: Enter the password in the box Password. At the umbrella Re-type Enter the password above.

Press Protect to complete the password setting for the Betdownload folder.

When the folder is set a password will have the following icon

To open that folder, just double click on the folder and enter the password you have set.
With the above detailed instructions, everyone can manually set a password to protect a folder using Folder Protector. So that you can feel secure when not using your computer because your important data has been protected safely. In addition, you can use one of the password-setting software for Folder available in


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