Forgot Lotus password how to recover?

Forgot Lotus password how to recover?

If you forget Lotus password, users can still quickly regain account via phone app, or more simply, you can also use your computer to recover login password. Lotus social network with just a few simple steps.

Lotus content social network will be officially launched to users at 20:00 on September 16, 2019 . Although this is only a Beta version, many users have downloaded the application and registered an account and are eager to experience this pure Vietnamese social network.

Regain account when forgot Lotus password

But perhaps because the Lotus registration was too early and had to wait so long, some users fell into the “half crying, half laughing” state when they forgot the Lotus login password. This article will guide you a simple trick to recover your account when you forget Lotus password on the computer.

Recover your account when you forget Lotus password on the computer

Lotus content social network is part of an ecosystem built by VCcorp. Users who register a Vietnamese ID account not only participate in Lotus social network but also easily connect and use other products such as VCcloud, Kenh14, Sohagame, …

It can be seen that Vietnamese ID account is very important for Lotus users in particular and other VCcorp services in general. To regain your account when you forget your Lotus password, you can download the Lotus app on your phone and follow the instructions.

– Download Lotus for Android
– Download Lotus for iPhone

Or you open the browser and follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Access and Vietnamese Home ID in the link Here.

Step 2: From the login screen, right-click on the line Forgot password ;

how to forget the lotus floor 2

Step 3: In the window Password retrieval , you enter Email or phone number I used to register for a Lotus account. After entering the information, click Next ;

how familiar you are, lotus lotus 3

Step 4: The system will send a confirmation code phone number or Email of you to check. If you entered your email, check your inbox to confirm your password reset request.

You can press Agree to retrieve the password or link right below is fine.

how familiar you are, how old are you 4

Step 5: The browser will take you to the screen Reset Password . Here you are Enter your new password in the information box, then press OK, got it to complete.

how familiar you are, lotus 5

After confirming that the password has been successfully changed, the browser will display the following dialog box.

how familiar you are, lotus 6
So now you have regained account when forgot Lotus password . From now on, you can safely use your new password to log in and look forward to discovering the exciting features of Lotus content social networking.


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