Free Fire Season 23 Elite Pass free men's jackets, AWM gun skin and more

Free Fire Season 23 Elite Pass free men’s jackets, AWM gun skin and more

Garena Free Fire season 22 Elite Pass has just been released on March 1, 2020, but there are leaked information about the reward of Elite Pass season 23 that makes Free Fire gamers not mind. Let’s find out with offline!

Just a few days ago, Garena released an update OB20 Free Fire And with that, the developers made some changes in the Free Fire game.

In Elite Pass Season In the near future, players can experience a range of new features and receive entirely new rewards by completing quests in the game. Although the release date of the Free Fire Season 23 Elite Pass has not been revealed yet, there has been a lot of leaked information regarding the reward.

1. Jaqueta Agentas women’s coats

garena free fire buy 23 elite pass

This is a brand new jacket for the female character. The jacket has a Fox logo on the left with a red border on it. The unique thing about this outfit is that the player’s vest will remain unobstructed. Users can use it right after buying an Elite Pass.

2. Skin AWM-Agentes

garena free fire buy 23 elite pass

As mentioned earlier, Elite Pass Season 23 will be based on the Fox theme so AWM-Agentes is also inspired by it. Skin AWM-Agentes has 3 white stripes on the middle of the gun along with an image of a fox near it. You can unlock this skin at level 10 of the Elite Pass.

3. Esemive Cemiseta men’s jacket

garena free fire buy 23 elite pass

The final reward on the list is the men’s jacket, which looks quite similar to the women’s jacket. However, the unique thing of this item is that those who have played through Free Pass can also own this jacket with a scarf. The jacket has a fox logo printed on the front and back with black stripes on it.

Like the previous updates, Season 23 will also have 2 types of Elite Pass, which includes 2 versions: Free Pass and Premium. The main difference between the 2 versions is the rare items. For example, in the Premium Premium Pass version, players have the opportunity to get some special items by spending some money to buy it.

If you have not updated to the latest version of Free Fire, you should proceed immediately

– Download Free Fire for Android
– Download Free Fire for iPhone
– Download Free Fire for PC
And refer to Download Instructions and Install Garena Free Fire OB20 here.


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