Free web speed test tool by 2020

Site speed affects performance in almost every area, from user experience to search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, most website users will only wait about 4 seconds to load the page before switching to something else. However, sitting at a computer with a clock to check the time is not an effective method to see if your website is fast enough or not, refer to the free web speed testing tools below.

Free web speed test tool 2019

Table of Contents:
1. GTmetrix.
2. WebPageTest.
3. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.
4. Pingdom.
5. DareBoost.
6. Website Speed ​​Test.
7. SEO Site Checkup.
8. Site 24 x 7.
10. UpTrends.

Most developers choose a free website speed testing tool to make the process faster and more accurate.

1. GTmetrix

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GTmetrix is ​​an easy to use tool. You simply paste the URL of the site and select Analyze(Analysis). GTmetrix has a UX design that is easy to navigate and secure. Your site speed will be provided according to the context and the average score. Scores are also broken down by type, meaning if you’re not familiar with web development, you can still determine whether the problem is from CSS, Javascript or server.

– Download GTmetrix here.

2. WebPageTest

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WebPageTest is one of the leading reliable website speed testing tools. WebPageTest allows users to create custom settings for each run, which can be configured to use for many different web browsers, such as your website may be slow on Google Chrome but fast on Firefox. WebPageTest is open source and completely free.

– Download WebPageTest here.

3. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

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Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is not really a website speed testing tool, so it won’t provide much data or suggestions on how to fix the problem. However, its analytical results may be more important than other tools, as Google is the place to determine your site’s search rankings. The tool is also extremely easy to use. Just enter your web address, wait a few seconds and you’ll see results from both mobile and PC versions.

– Download Google PageSpeed ​​Insights here.

4. Pingdom

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In the current configuration, Pingdom allows users to test their website speed from 4 different test locations. The results are easy to read, with detailed analysis of the performance as well as providing a specific list of issues to solve. Its interface is very simple and easy to use. The well-organized final data allows for skimming or going into details.

– Download Pingdom here.

5. DareBoost

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Dareboost is a free tool, but if you want to use you will have to register for an account. Dareboost will visualize your data, including video analytics on web loading.

– Download DareBoost here.

6. Website Speed ​​Test (Image analysis tool)

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Website Speed ​​Test is the only free tool that focuses entirely on images. If the web speed is slow, images may be broken, which is why image compression has become so popular. This tool will analyze each image on the page, telling you the size and how to compress the image.

– Download Website Speed ​​Test here.

7. SEO Site Checkup

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Page speed is an extremely important factor that affects Google’s web page rankings. SEO Site Checkup can have a comprehensive approach to your website, consider factors that can affect user performance and experience, and search rankings, then suggest a fix.

– Download SEO Site Checkup here.

8. Site 24 x 7

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In many cases, your server may directly affect website speed. The 24 x 7 Site Analytics tool is designed specifically for server performance evaluation, integrates with various system administration tools, and provides very easy-to-read graphs.

– Download Site 24 x 7 here.


Hair styled hair test by south africa 2019 9 is a powerful and comprehensive web speed testing tool. Most other page speed testing tools will only test from one location at a time. allows checking the page speed from 24 locations. Watching the load time change from one location to another can help you see how different users are experiencing your site around the world.

– Download here.

10. UpTrends

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UpTrends analyzes web download speed and provides a visual result chart to provide more information. This tool is easy to use, can generate large amounts of domain data that your site can refer to.
– Download UpTrends here.


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