Freeze and remove Deep Freeze software on your computer

Is freezing or deleting Deep Freeze freezing software when you no longer want to use on your computer as difficult as you think? Because Deep Freeze is enabled, all your settings on the hard drive will not be saved after the system reboot, so it is best to remove the Deep Freeze software.

Deep Freeze one of software freezes Best hard drive ever, when activating the freezing feature on the software, all your settings will not be saved by the system, only when you turn off or delete Deep Freeze, then save the installation file just made.

How to remove freezing, remove Deep Freeze software by closing on the computer

Unlike other software installed on your computer, although Deep Freeze contains the installation file, you cannot find its installation file if you want to remove it using the function. Uninstall a program Available in Windows or by specialized removal software. However, you can still completely remove Deep Freeze Standard on Windows XP / Vista / 7

After installing Deep Freeze Standard successfully on your computer, you find it difficult to use or sometimes a little uncomfortable about how to work, to remove this utility, please follow the steps below.

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Uninstall the Deep Freeze software

Step 1: Open the folder containing the Deep Freeze installation file after you have installed it Deep Freeze into the system, search for installation files saved as names DFStd.exe

go to mem deep freeze standard

Step 2: A window will appear with necessary information about the manufacturer as well as the Deep Freeze Standard software. Click next to continue.

Delete Deep Freeze Standard from the computer

Step 3: Click Uninstall to remove this software from your computer.

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Wait for a few minutes the uninstall process will complete.

It is very special not to uninstall Deep Freeze software you need to use the installation file itself to be able to remove.

To remove this Free Deep Standard software, you must have a password then proceed to remove the freezing mode before removing them.

So has completed the process of removing software Deep Freeze Standard freeze. After the uninstall process has finished, the computer will automatically restart. Restart the computer now that Deep Freeze Standard has been completely removed.

go to the state, delete the message box with deep freeze

Remove Deep Freeze software, freeze the hard drive
In addition, you can also replace Deep Freeze with another hard drive freezing software available in such as Returnil System Safe, Shadow Defender …. In which Shadow Defender is known to be very effective software. in freezing the hard drive.


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