Freeze your computer, hard drive freezing software, have instructions

Freezing your computer to limit the penetration of viruses and spyware (spyware), or the creation of junk files that limit hard drive capacity. Keep track of the following article of to know how to freeze hard drive with the best computer hard drive freezing software today.

The best software, applications freeze the computer

1. Toolwiz Time Freeze: Advantages: Free, easy to use interface. Computer freezes to prevent viruses.

2. Shadow Defender: Freeze the computer hard drive, check the software installation process safely. However if you want to use Shadow Defender long you have to pay after 30 trials.

3. Deep Freeze Standard: Freeze entire computer, protect your computer instantly, effectively, with many flexible options. Download Deep Freeze Standard about computers.

4. Power Shadow: The software freezes the hard drive the strongest currently. Power Shadow integrated two options to protect the drive operating system protection and all protection.

5. Returnil Virtual System: Pros: Free, protects the computer from intrusion by viruses and spyware. Returnil Virtual Systemstill capable freeze and restore the system.

Manual hard disk freeze software Toolwiz Time Freeze

Step 1: Download the software to the computer and install. If no software you can download the latest version of Toolwiz Time Freeze to use

Step 2: Launch the program on the Desktop, the program’s interface is simple as shown below.

Dong Bang O Cung

Step 3: To perform the process of freezing the computer hard drive you just need Click “Start” then restart the computer the program will freeze your hard drive.

To remove the freezing function, you only need to Click “Stop” to get rid of the freeze

In addition to freezing the hard drive, Toolwiz Time Freeze also has the function of hiding files and folders on your computer or setting program passwords …
So here introduced to you the best computer freezing software today, especially easy to use with just a few simple steps such as instructions you can freeze your hard drive. calculated by Toolwiz Time Freeze software. In addition, you can consult and use other hard drive freezing software available on


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