Fun riddles about the Lunar New Year are good, funny, with answers

If you want to create a joyful atmosphere on Tet holiday as well as make Tet more meaningful and memorable, some of the best Tet quizzes will help you. It also stimulates brain development and flexibility. You also try to answer the quiz question about the Lunar New Year before looking at the answer, see how many you can win.

The following Tet quizzes not only helps you have moments of relaxation, dispels fatigue and stress, but also gives you insights about Tet holiday. Let’s collect the fun riddles about Tet with answers below to be able to create a fun and exciting atmosphere when being with everyone during Tet.

Along with fun puzzles about Tet, spring quizzes are also related to Tet and spring. To have good puzzles, you should collect fun riddles about spring, funny riddles about Tet.

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New Year’s fun quizzes, Tet holiday quizzes with answers

I. Summary of funny and meaningful Tet quizzes

New Year’s Day Quiz No. 1: What are the names of the three gods that represent wealth, happiness and health?
=> Answer: Mr. Phuc, Loc, Tho
Good quiz about Tet number 2: Flowers symbolize spring in the North?
=> Answer: Peach blossom
Puzzle number 3: What is the name of the first guest to come to the house to celebrate Tet?
=> Answer: House breakers (ground breakers)
Lunar New Year’s Day quiz number 4: What is another name for Lunar New Year?
=> Answer: Lunar New Year (New Year’s Eve)
Puzzle number 5: What makes most people watch on New Year’s Eve?
=> Answer: Firework
Puzzle number 6: What fruit is green with red skin?
=> Answer: Watermelon
Puzzle number 7: What do the adepts usually do on New Year’s Day?
=> Answer: Write a couplets
– Lunar New Year Puzzle No. 8: The typical tree for Tet, without flowers, without fruit that the devil is afraid of?
=> Answer: The tree mentioned
Puzzle number 9: What is the moment of transition from year to year called?
=> Answer: Eve

I'm so happy that I'll have a good time

Puzzle number 10: The name of a fruit tray with 3 indispensable fruits of families during Tet holiday shows the desire to be humble and not very sophisticated?
=> Answer: Soursop, Coconut, Papaya
New Year’s Day Quiz No. 11: What will the children receive after wishing the New Year?
=> Answer: Lucky money
Puzzle number 12: Please tell me which one of the 12 animals is famous for women?
=> Answer: Goat
Puzzle number 13: What is the ritual that takes place on the 23rd of the 12th lunar month called?
=> Answer: Praying to bring Mr. Apple to heaven
Puzzle number 14: What kind of rice is Chung cake made of?
=> Answer: Sticky rice
New Year’s fun quiz with answer number 15: After Tet, two fathers and two children go hunting, each of them can hunt one child. But the total number of ducks is 3. Why?
=> Answer: 2 fathers and 2 children are grandfather – father and son. There were only 3 people so only shot 3 ducks.
Puzzle number 16: What shape is banh chung, what does it represent?
=> Answer: Banh chung is square and symbolizes the land
Puzzle number 17: This is a traditional activity that brings good luck of 2 legendary spring animals, controlled by dancers.
=> Answer: Lion dance
Quiz about Tet dishes number 18: What is the bread of the sky and the bread of the earth?
=> Answer: Chung cake, shoe cake
The best Tet quizzes number 19: This is a customary ceremony that when meeting each other on normal days, perform and greet each other.
=> Answer: Happy New Year
Folk quizzes on New Year’s Day number 20: There are half a bottle of wine, the mouth of the cork is soft cork. Don’t kick the wine bottle, don’t take the cork, don’t drill holes. How to drink.
=> Answer: Push the cork inward

II. Fun riddles about Tet for kids

1. 8 Fun riddles about Tet for kids

Question 1: According to folk legend, Ong Tao returned to heaven by plane, roller coaster or spaceship?
Answer: Carp

Happy New Year's Eve

Verse 2: Is it okay to set off firecrackers on New Year’s Day?
Answer: Can’t light firecrackers, now banned
Question 3: What pen do people use to write New Year’s greeting cards: Ballpoint pen, marker or pencil?
Answer: All 3 pens can write
Question 4: Where there is no Tet: Vung Tau, Dak Lak or Da Lat?
Answer: All three have Tet
Question 5: Everything is as it is – All things are difficult to start – Van Hanh Mall. Where is the Tet greeting?
Answer: Everything is as it is
New Year’s Day quiz with answers 6: On the first day of the New Year, I often see silk dance, lion dance or fire dance
Answer: Lion dance
Verse 7: Happy New Year in English is called “Happy birthday”, “Happy ending” or “Happy Polla”?
Answer: None of the above 3 words but “Happy new year”
Verse 8: Banh Chung, Banh Giay, Banh Gai, which people often eat during Tet?
Answer: Chung cake, shoe cake

2. List of 6 fun Tet puzzles for preschoolers

Question 1: Vietnamese people have Western New Year, so do Westerners have Ta or not?
Answer: Is not
Verse 2: Do Vietnamese people in the West celebrate Tet?
Answer: Yes

why tet
Question 3: Which banh chung, banh day cake represent the land?
Answer: Chung cake
Verse 4: Pineapple leaves, coconut leaves, dong leaves which are used to wrap banh chung?
Answer: dandelion leaves
Question 5: This year’s New Year, Xuan is 9 years old, and her brother Xuan is 12 years old. How many years older will Xuan’s brother be 5 years later?
Answer: 3 years old
Question 6: Banh Chung Banh Tet, Banh Chung Banh Gio where is the name of the Vietnamese folk tale?
Answer: There is no such thing as Banh Chung Banh Giay

3. Summary of 7 fun riddles about Tet for children

Question 1: Rectangular, square or triangular banh chung?
Answer: Square
Quiz about Lunar New Year 2: Banh chung usually has a filling: Meat, fish or green beans?
Answer: Meat and green beans
Question 3: Want to eat banh chung, will you eat it on New Year’s Day or Christmas?
Answer: Traditional New Year’s Day or eating on Christmas Day or any other normal day is fine

be happy right now Tet for be
Question 4: Mai’s house has 2 sisters. On Tet holiday, Mai helps her mother to pack banh chung. Ask him what Mai is doing?
Answer: No brother Mai
Question 5: How to put 8 banh chung in 5 bags, but the number of banh chung in each bag must be even?
Answer: Cut the banh chung into 5 and divide it evenly into 5 bags. 8 pieces are even numbers, cut and divided like the first one
Question 6: Sauna, steaming, steaming, steaming, which is the name of a New Year’s custom?
Answer: Broke ground
Verse 7: The person who broke into the ground was the person who broke into his house, jumped into his house or sneaked into his house after New Year’s Eve?
Answer: Step into my house first

4. Collection of 10 funny riddles about Tet or Tet

Question 1: According to folklore, did the Apple House have 2 grandfathers and 1 grandma or 2 women 1 grandfather or 2 grandparents?
Answer: 2 grandpa and 1 grandma
Verse 2: When he rides a carp to fly to the sky, does Mr. Tao take Mrs. Tao with him?
Answer: All 3 of them went to heaven
Question 3: What do people eat on Tet holiday?
Answer: Tet
Question 4: Which country in the world does not have New Year’s Eve: Vietnam, Korea or India?
Answer: Every country has New Year’s Eve

so happy now tet
Question 5: Squeeze fat, pickled onions, red couplets, trees, firecrackers, green banh chung. What is wrong with this sentence?
Answer: Fatty meat is not greasy
Verse 6: Grandfather went to the spring flower market and saw 1,000 birds on the tree, what did Grandpa use to catch them all?
Answer: Take a camera to take a picture
Verse 7: Baby Mai can make all the trees in the Plum Blossom Festival disappear in an instant. What did baby Mai do?
Answer: Baby Mai came out of the Spring Flower Festival
Verse 8: In which month do I get the least amount of sleep in 12 months?
Answer: February because February has 28 days at least in the months of the year
Verse 9: Ti, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Thin, Snake, Horse, Mui, Body, Rooster, Dog, Pig What is wrong in the above sentence?
Answer: Horse is Horse
Question 10: What are the five fruits of the Southern New Year’s Eve offering?
Answer: Bridge, coconut, papaya, mango, fig

If you are looking for fun quizzes about Tet to quiz people on Tet holidays, it’s hard for you to ignore the above fun quizzes. Surely with these puzzles, you and everyone will have moments of comfort and fun. Besides, be prepared Tet greetings It’s really good to give to everyone, with Tet wishes collected by Taimienphi, you won’t have to go far to find them.
Besides the quizzes about Tet above, you can also refer to the trick puzzle in this article to create a gentle atmosphere, lots of laughter for everyone on New Year’s Day.

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