Fun Riddles in Season 2, Episode 22

Another week has passed, surely the little girls are waiting to be able to follow the quick and fun puzzles this week. Aired at 20:00 on Sunday, August 25, 2019, as fast as the kids in the second season, episode 22 promises to give the children relaxing and entertaining moments and bring useful, real knowledge. Much fun and laughter.

In Lightning fast kids season 2, episode 21 of the week before, you were watching two teams of Anh Duc and Van Trang competing, the winner was Van Trang’s team. This week we will meet the two captains Huynh Lap and Quang Trung who are extremely funny and muddy with lovely and intelligent children. Let’s wait and see which team will answer the most fun riddles and win the program.

Fun Riddles in Season 2, Episode 22

Watch as fast as the lightning season 2 episode 22

Watch as fast as the lightning season 2 episode 21

Lightning-fast is a great program and creates a fun atmosphere for both versions, adults and children. You can also refer and follow more Quick as lightning season 2 episode 22 to see the fun but no less dramatic competition of the teams playing offline.
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