Galio DTCL: Team Galio Giants Season 6 DTCL

Galio in this season 6 champion list appeared for 5 gold and didn’t have much choice around. He takes up 2 slots in the game and you don’t see Galio until the end of the game.

The race that Galio has is purely a support or tanker. Bodyguards suck damage, Giants resist crowd control and Idols just buff. But that much buff also helps Galio’s skills to annoy all enemy champions on a large scale and deal significant damage to the enemy team.

So Galio can both support tankers and damage in the team, although the mana is high, Galio deals twice damage and the enemy with a lower max health with Galio, the easier it is for him to destroy that opponent. Instructions for Galio DTCL season 6 are below.

Galio DTCL Season 6 Skills, Stats and Clans


galio dtcl season 6

galio dtcl season 6

If all three of these buffs are met, Galio will be very “buffalo”, not to mention his high health and he has Blood Armor. And he also stuns the entire enemy team, so it can be said that this is a good timekeeper for the attack in the back line.

In addition to resistant equipment such as Blood Armor, Thorn Armor, Stone Armor Animal, Fire Cloak, you can also pair other damage support items for him.

Galio DTCL Season 6 Skills and Stats

galio season 6 dtcl

  • Price: 5 gold
  • Blood: 1800/340/5832
  • Mana: 280
  • Initial Mana: 180
  • Armor: 70
  • Magical resistance: 70
  • DPS: 98/176/316
  • Damage: 150/270/486
  • Attack speed: 0.65
  • Crit rate: 25%
  • Attack Range: 1 cell


  • Intrinsic: Galio slams the ground for a critical hit, dealing 100/150/1999 magic damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • Activated: Galio flies into the sky and dashes to the location with the most enemy champions, knocking them up and dealing 125/250/2000 magic damage and stunning them. The larger the health difference between Galio and the enemy with the highest health, the longer the enemy will be stunned.

Gearing up for Galio DTCL season 6

As mentioned above, in addition to the defensive items, Galio should also have some effective damage items such as Infinity Sword, Gem Gloves, Demon Book, Witch Hat. But you still prefer Mesh Armor > Silver Cloak > Giant Belt > Oversized Staff. The advantage is that these items are currently few people won in the general selection round.

galio dtcl season 6

Galio DTCL season 6 lineup

Galio the Giant Cho’Gath

galio dtcl season 6

Increasing the number of Giants by 2 will make Galio and Cho’Gath immune to crowd control and reduce damage taken. Before Kai’Sa DTCL appears, Malzahar DTCL will be a champion that deals damage and holds items for Kai’Sa. And this team will follow the style of Mutant and Gladiator before following this last team.

Fiora will be the champion that deals damage next to Kai’Sa. With Cho’Gath you can slow him to 3 at level 7, then 8 to find Galio.

Galio Idol Bodyguard

giant galio lineup

Although this squad does not have a hard defense like the one above, it will have more support. Jinx will be the damage dealer in the back row, Galio, Braum and Blitzcrank will be the tank in the top row to give Jinx enough time to shoot in the bottom row.

Giant Idol Galio

giant galio lineup

This lineup uses up to 4 slots just for Sion and Galio, but the quality will compensate for the quantity. Galio stands under the 3 Idol buff, so he will recover mana, health and increase damage. Along with reduced damage and crowd control, Galio and Sion will have more time on the defense.

The team’s main damage will depend on Jayce and Sion and Braum will control next to Galio. Taric and Seraphine support healing for champions standing above.

Guide Galio DTCL season 5.5

Clan Buff

Dragon Tribe

  • 3 Dragon Tribes: At the end of each match, the player will receive a dragon egg on the bench. After 3 rounds, the dragon egg will hatch into a dragon general.
  • 5 Dragon Tribe: You will receive a Golden Dragon Egg, which can hatch into a rare item.

galio dtcl 5.5


At the start of the match, the Guardian with the highest health will gain an attack speed shield each time it is cast. When this shield is destroyed or timed out, it will be returned to the ally with the lowest health.

  • 3 ASTC: 200 shield, 30% attack speed for 4 seconds
  • 6 ASTC: 800 shield, 100% attack speed for 3 seconds
  • 9 ASTC: 2000 shield, 1000% attack speed for 1 second

galio dtcl 5.5


All allies block an equal amount of base damage from all sources.

  • 2 Knights: 20 damage blocked
  • 4 Knights: 40 damage blocked
  • 6 Knights: 70 damage blocked

galio dtcl 5.5

Galio’s stats and skills

galio tft 5.5

  • Price: 4 gold
  • Health: 1000/1800/3240
  • Mana: 150
  • Initial Mana: 80
  • Armor: 60
  • Magic Resistance: 60
  • DPS: 42 / 76 / 136
  • Damage: 70 / 126 / 227
  • Attack Speed: 0.6
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1

Durand Shield: Galio attacks the area around him for 2 seconds, taunting all enemies within and taking 60/70/90% damage reduction. When unleashing a charge, Galio deals 250/325/800 magic damage to all enemies within 3 cells and heals 50% of blocked damage.

Location: Top

Galio DTCL Item Build, Galio DTCL 5.5 . Light Item

Ordinary food

Defense items and causing adverse effects are mostly the items below. If you have Blood Armor, give it to Galio to get his shield and attack speed in the first place. Clip more Alchemy Cloak to avoid crowd control.

Flame Cloak and Armor of Thorns will help debuff enemy tankers. Add Dragon’s Claw to increase magic resistance.

wool by galio dtcl

Damage items can prioritize Demon Book, Angel Scepter, Ionic Lightning Crossbow, Infinity Sword. You can put it together with a few defensive support items above to balance the craft.

wool by galio dtcl

Light Item Galio DTCL

It’s still the same items above, but you need to prioritize Blood Armor or Demon Letter depending on whether you need to choose a defense or increase Galio’s damage.

In essence, Galio is still a tank general to withstand damage to the back row generals. However, if the attack below is not strong, you should stuff more damage items for Galio.

wool by galio dtcl

Teamfight Tactics Galio lineup 5.5

4 Knights + 4 Gunners

dtcl dtcl

Knight helps the team reduce damage received, Lucian will be the main carry that deals main damage in the team along with other Gunners. You can pair Demon Letters + Blood Armor to give Galio a shield, attack speed, and damage in the first place.

6 Knights

The amount of damage taken in this formation of the whole team will be significantly reduced if all 6 Knights are gathered. Lucian is still the main damage champion and you need to stack him.

matching galio dtcl

5 Dragon Tribe

The main damage in this team will be Zyra and Heimerdinger. At the beginning of the game you can find many Sett, Zyra and Udyr so that the Dragon Tribe squad can survive until you find Galio.


In addition to the formations above, you can combine 6 Guardians to increase Galio’s shield and attack speed. There are quite a few lineups that Galio can be in, but it’s important that you rotate the team and win streaks before you find the Demacia giant.

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