Garen DTCL: Build up, Garen Academy Season 6 lineup

Garen is a general if considering the nature of the Guardian clan, he is a necessary tank to do the tanker duty in the Academy team and let the team have more buffs on the Guardian at the beginning of the game.

But in terms of skills, Garen does quite a lot of damage at the beginning of the game and helps the team build a winning streak right from the beginning of the game. Create a good foundation for you late game to add strong late game champions.

Because it is a 1 gold champion, if you choose to be the main force, you should choose hyperroll as the most reasonable. At the same time, Garen needs items and other combinations to comfortably deal damage in the team. If you want to choose a squad for Garen, you can start below.

Garen DTCL Season 6 stats, strength and skills


garen dtcl buy 6

Garen gains bonus AD and AP and increases each time Academy on his team casts a spell. Guardians simply create more shields and increase defense in the game.

In the Academy, there will be two main late game players, Lux DTCL and Yone DTCL, and Guardian, Sion will take this position. Garen can lay a good foundation for the late game if you intend to add carries in this late game it is easy to switch.

Stats and skills

garen dtcl buy 6

  • Price: 1 gold
  • Health: 650 / 1170 / 2106
  • Mana: 80
  • Initial Mana: 40
  • Armor: 40
  • Magic Resistance: 40
  • DPS: 39 / 69 / 125
  • Damage: 70 / 126 / 227
  • Attack Speed: 0.55
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Attack Range: 1 cell


  • Garen removes all controls and buffs his next attack. His next basic attack deals 225% physical damage + 20%/25%/30% missing health (Base 169).

Garen DTCL season 6 match, Garen season 6 DTCL standard item

In addition to the three defensive items of the Beast Statue Stone Armor, Thorn Armor, and Fire Cloak, Garen will have a lot of damage items such as Infinity Sword, Giant Slayer, Death Sword… So you can prepare Garen Sword BF > Wooden Bow > Training Gloves > Silver Cloak.

garen dtcl

Garen DTCL season 6 lineup

Guard Academy Garen

garen dtcl

This squad uses Hyperroll to give low-cost champions like Kassadin, Garen, Graves and Katarina 3 stars but of course Garen is the first priority. Other generals like Janna, Leona, Blitz and Taric are responsible for supporting healing and controlling in the team.

Currently, we don’t have many lineups for Garen, but with a 1 gold champion like him, hyperroll is always an appropriate choice. Otherwise, Garen will only be used as a tank in the Guardians and Academy teams.


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