Garena officially announced the release date of the new Kalahari Free Fire map

Garena officially announced the release date of the new Kalahari Free Fire map

Developer Garena Free Fire is expected to release an update to upgrade the game to the latest version on January 1, 2020. Besides some minor gameplay improvements, the update will also bring to the Elite New pass, a new set of missions and the latest Kalahari Desert map for survival strategy game.

An official announcement was announced yesterday for the game Garena Free Fire, the new map gives players a wider playing field on the arid desert. There have been previous speculations about the size of the Kalahari Free Fire map, but NPH has confirmed that Kalahari will be smaller than the previous two maps.

New Kalahari map in Garena Free Fire

Kalahari is a great addition to the existing map list of Garena Free Fire, and they will certainly bring many other unique flavors to the survival games later in the game. Because Kalahari is the smallest of all three maps, it can be a great battleground for active players.

In addition to the new Kalahari map, Garena Free Fire will also release a new Elite Pass (Infinity Card) and some additional adjustments to fix the previous version, bringing a better experience for gamers. Infinite Card Garena Free Fire This time the theme of Samurai and NPH presented 20 Fatal Badges (tokens) as a new year gift. Badges can be used to unlock exclusive rewards, including the new Fatal Blade game mode.
– Link to download Android version: Free Fire for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Free Fire for iPhone


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