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Ubisoft has announced that gamers can get free Anno 1800 games, the city building and management game version will be released for free all week to pay tribute to Gamescom 2019, starting from tomorrow, players trial version downloads are free of charge until Wednesday, December 18, 2019.

Gamers are free to explore the game Anno 1800 won the award, exploring the day and night cycle update released on September 10. In addition, Ubisoft also announced that players can get free access to two DLC versions of Anno 1800, Deluxe Edition and Gold Edition.

Announced 1800 anno game today

Download the free Anno 1800 game today

From November 11 until December 18, gamers can play Construction simulation game Anno 1800 for free on Uplay or Epic Games Store. The free version includes the first three tiers of Sandbox mode along with Multiplayer mode. In addition, players also experience the day and night cycle system, enjoying the beauty of the city every night.

Discovering Botanica, Anno 1800’s second DLC, players can increase the city’s attractiveness to new heights with the Botanical Garden, allowing you to earn new items and rewards, attracting a large number of tourists. to admire his flower masterpiece. In addition, you can build Conservatory and enjoy your favorite music from the music collection in the Anno 1800 game.

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Gamers after receiving the free Anno 1800 game have access to the first three versions, experience content in previously released versions, as well as multiplayer and collaboration mode. However, you will not be able to access Season Pass content.

Anno 1800 is available on both the Uplay and Epic Games Store systems, a free event that allows players to download a separate build from the main version of the Anno 1800 game, which means that the data you play when receiving the game does not You can switch to the game if you decide to buy after the free Anno 1800 game ends.
– Link to download the PC version: Anno 1800 for PC



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